Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (January 2019)

Happy 2019, friends!

As promised, I’m kicking off the new year by sharing a variety of SEO and PPC trends and updates that can help you maximize your marketing efforts.

I’m starting the monthly list with the Google ranking factors you might not be aware of and will go on to unveil some useful ways to analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors. If you dive in a bit deeper, you’ll find the complete guide to WooCommerce SEO, 12 amazing link-building strategies for 2019, the best search engine alternatives, and more!

So, without further ado, let’s start.

Google Ranking Factors You Might Not Be Aware Of

There are more than 200 ranking factors that decide search engine rankings. You’re probably aware of the most significant factors such as keyword placement, strong backlinks, and proper Google My Business optimization. But there are many factors whose power is underestimated or completely unknown. In her latest piece for DealerOn, Kelcey Piper provides a list of four Google ranking factors you probably aren’t aware of.


2019 Blogging Guide

Blogging is an integral part of every search engine optimization process and a successful tool for content marketing. To maximize the benefits of blogging you need careful planning and execution. Ereika Collins Stimley provides this 2019 blogging guide to help you boost your organic reach.

Tuesdays With Tina Blogging


Analyze Your Competitors’ Backlinks Like a Pro

Through a competitor backlink analysis, you can assess your competitor’s performance, the number of backlinks, and their overall online authority. All of this will help you learn what helps others in your industry rank well and create a long-term strategy for obtaining backlinks too. Paola Didone has put together a list of steps to help you analyze your competitors’ backlinks, both direct and indirect.


Social Media Phenomenon: Why Do People Share Everything?

Social media stats show that 3.5 billion of the world’s population can be found on social media. As a result, sharing stuff on the most popular platforms has become an integral part of human existence and an additional reason for you to exploit some of the most important social media traffic increasing strategies . People share everything, from trivial things to important milestones. As this phenomenon has been a topic of interest for many psychologists, Alexandra Djordjevic outlines the most interesting findings of why people share stuff on social media.


Why You Should Align Your Content and Brand Strategies

Brand strategy and content strategy shouldn’t function independently of each other. Instead, they work hand in hand to strengthen and build your brand. On SEO 1 Click Marketing, you will find guidelines that can help you align these two strategies and boost brand awareness and overall brand visibility, ultimately improving your business’s bottom line.


Podcasts Should Become a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Once you’re done with optimizing your content marketing strategy, remember that podcasts are highly engaging and inspiring, enabling businesses to communicate with customers on a whole new level. The popularity of podcasts is changing the marketing landscape. Involving podcasts in your marketing strategy can help you build brand awareness, trust, and authority, without the effort that writing demands. Libby Margo gives you more legit reasons why you should consider podcasts in your marketing strategy and how to measure success.

Tuesdays With Tina - Podcasts


Integrate Your SEO and PPC Campaigns

If you tend to compartmentalize SEO and PPC into separate roles, you’re making a huge mistake. Both SEO and PPC work toward the same goals, complementing each other to produce impressive results. Daniel Saslafsky offers three ways to integrate these campaigns and maximize your results.


5 Tips to Avoid Getting Penalized by Google

You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of Google and earn a penalty, which can cause a massive drop in rankings, traffic, and revenue. The best way to avoid this is to know which mistakes may be fatal and stay away from any black-hat techniques. To help you with that, Stephen Spencer shares some valuable tips.


Free SEO Audits Might Not Be the Best Idea

A free SEO audit isn’t as good as it sounds. The simple truth is, nothing good comes for free. Free audit tools can help give a quick overview, but they won’t help you define your strategy. This might end up costing you more in the long run. Adrian Cojocariu explains in great detail why it’s always a better idea to rely on high-quality tools or hire an expert.


Back to Basics: Developing a Corporate SEO Strategy

If your business doesn’t earn substantial organic search traffic, it’s a red alert for SEO. Your organization should immediately prioritize corporate SEO to reach new audiences and make a lasting impact online. Samara Bolling details how to create a successful corporate SEO strategy, as well as how to maintain it.


The Best Tactics for a SAB to Boost Visibility

Businesses that provide services and products at their customers’ locations often struggle to obtain online visibility, making it a challenge for people to find their service on Google. This tactic requires a bit more than merely creating a GMB listing and specifying the service area. For that purpose, Tom Waddington shares his tactics for service area businesses to boost visibility in 2019.

Tuesdays With Tina - SAB

WooCommerce SEO: The Complete Guide

If you’re an owner of a WooCommerce store, monitoring and maintaining a healthy SEO strategy should be on your priority “to do” list. John Hughes explains the importance of SEO for online stores and provides you with a complete guide to WooCommerce SEO.


12 Useful Link Building Strategies for 2019

Matthew Woodward shares 12 amazing link building strategies that can help you boost your traffic in 2019. The great news? You can choose only three of them and still get dozens of high-quality links!


Voice Search Optimization Guide 2019

More and more people choose voice search over the traditional means of data input when searching for something online. What’s important to know is that there’s a difference between voice-activated and typed queries, which may cause different SERP results. If you want to beat your competitors and have a better chance at engaging the potential customers who use voice-activated search, check Inna Yatsyna’s guide with six key steps for 2019.


Video Content Can Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization is one of the main reasons you should produce video content for your business or brand. The impact video content has on SEO is far more significant than you can imagine. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful techniques for climbing the SERPs. PJ Taei outlines the five ways video can improve your SEO efforts.


Boost SEO with Question Keywords Optimization

Question-related searches are a significant part of Google’s searches overall, which means optimizing for question keywords can only enhance your SEO efforts. Besides generating more organic traffic and improving your conversion rate, you can also land the most coveted position—the featured snippet. In his article, “How to Boost SEO with Question Keywords Optimization,” Joydeep Bhattacharya explains all there is to know regarding this topic.


Top Search Engine Alternatives

SEO statistics clearly show Google’s dominance in the search engine market. However, when people look for something specific and want to get particular results quickly, Google isn’t always the starting point. Ryan Gould lists the best search engine alternatives, also known as “vertical search engines.”

Tuesdays With Tina - Search Engine Alternatives


Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation with Ease

With more than 80% of consumers checking a website’s integrity and reading reviews before making a purchase decision, you can’t afford to neglect your online reputation. Alaina Stuckey offers five simple ways to improve your business’s online reputation and ensure you leave a positive first impression.


The Best Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate: 2019 Edition

There are a lot of marketing channels available; yet your website is the place where all critical conversions happen. Vincent Sevilla shares the best strategies to improve your site’s conversion rate in 2019. Check which of them apply to your business, and you’ll start seeing your conversions rise.

Here’s the end of the January roundup. Remember that we have a new schedule for 2019, so check in for more SEM goodies on the last Tuesday of each calendar month!

Make sure to drop me a line if you plan on implementing any of the above tips in your 2019 marketing strategies.

Good luck ranking!


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