Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (March 2019)

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Since we’re officially enjoying the first spring days, I come bearing some hot news from the realms of SEO and SEM.

In this month’s roundup, we’ll take a look at the March algorithm update and its impact. But that’s just the beginning—you’ll learn some great tips on how to create a crawlable site, the SEO trends for entrepreneurs, the ultimate UX tips for SEO experts, and much more.

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What’s Changed After the March 2019 Core Update?

The much speculated-on Google March 2019 Core Update, also known as Florida 2, is here and it’s real. Many search engine experts claim that this is a rollback of previous updates. On the other hand, some publishers have noticed a connection to links and their rankings. Roger Montti gives early insights into what’s changed after the release and what we should expect.


Internal Linking: A Tool for Improving Keyword Rankings

There are over 200 factors that influence the SERP rankings. Internal linking is one that is often overlooked. However, it can be a powerful weapon for boosting your rankings. If you still doubt whether internal linking can make a difference in your SEO strategy, take a look at Blake Smart’s article, “How to Improve Keyword Rankings with Internal Linking.” He explains what internal linking is and how to use it effectively.


Tuesdays With Tina - Internal Linking


The Latest on AMP

If your website isn’t optimized for site speed, you’re set to deliver a lousy user experience that could result in a high bounce rate and poor rankings. AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, are designed to load fast and help brands create effective sites. Erik Newton takes a look at the evolution path of the AMP, the latest developments, and the value it can provide for various sectors.


2019 SEO Trends for Entrepreneurs

In the ever-changing SEO world, webmasters should continually stay wide awake and look for methods to improve their efforts. Staying competitive depends highly on implementing the right marketing trends. For that purpose, Scott McGovern brings the 6 SEO trends in 2019 that entrepreneurs should know about.


Create a Crawlable Site 101

Having a crawlable site is the first step to winning in the SEO battle. A crawlable site makes it possible for search engines to discover your content. After bots discover the page exists, they reach it and examine its content to determine its value and make it available to users. Rebecca Berbel lists the steps you need to take in order to make your site crawlable.


The Ultimate UX Tips for SEO Experts

With the rapid improvements in search algorithms, SEO experts need to adopt new trends that go beyond the goal of ranking high for a particular keyword. Practices like link building and technical optimization have been part of SEO experts’ strategies for a long time now. However, many of them still fail when it comes to engaging their target audience and making them convert. UX optimization is the key to this problem. Inna Yatsyna reveals the most important steps you should focus on to stay on top of the UX game.


Voice Usage Trends 2019

Voice search has already been impacting the way customers interact with brands, thus changing our perspective on SEO entirely as we knew it. The potential of this trend to drive considerable changes in the market is undeniable. To help you understand the voice search phenomenon, the Stone Temple team asked over 1,000 people how, when, and why they use voice, and Eric Enge gives us a peek at the results.


Tuesdays With Tina - Voice Search Usage


When the SMM Efforts Aren’t Working

Social media can be the most potent weapon in your digital marketing arsenal—if you know how to use it. Otherwise, you might end up throwing away thousands of dollars and never see the desired results. This can be really frustrating! Sommer Poquette lists the most common reasons why your social media marketing efforts aren’t working and gives some pro tips.


7 Simple Steps to Create an SEO Strategy

No matter the industry you’re in, you need to optimize your content for search engines because your audience uses the web to assist in their decision-making process. If you want to challenge yourself and create your SEO strategy on your own instead of hiring an SEO agency to help you, Amber Ooley outlines the seven crucial steps you need to follow.


Double Your Search Traffic with Advanced Techniques

More visitors to your website mean more potential customers. However, growing your web traffic is an overwhelming task. For people to land on your site, they need to be under the impression that you offer something relevant and highly valuable to them. There are many strategies you can follow to increase your traffic. Vera Carroll shares ten advanced techniques that can help you double your website traffic.


What Search Intent Is and Why You Should Care

Search intent is the real meaning behind the user’s search. Simply put, two identical queries might share different intent. So understanding the user’s intent is crucial to delivering the most relevant results. Thanks to its advanced algorithm, Google tries to understand the intent behind the keywords used and prioritize the content that matches it. Diona Kidd explains how search intent influences your content’s performance for SEO.


4 Key Findings from 2019’s Email Marketing Research

Email marketing is an established tactic for virtually every marketer. However, you shouldn’t assume that you’ve mastered it. What worked last year might not work today; hence, you need to stay on top of it and continuously improve your strategy. To help you with this, Todd Lebo shares the four key findings from the 2019 Ascend2’s email marketing survey.


Tuesdays With Tina - Email Marketing


Reputation Management SEO: How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

A strong SEO and branded marketing strategy will result in great Google rankings. But without solid reputation management, your efforts might go to waste. Negative reviews can harm your rankings and your business overall. For instance, 60% of consumers say negative reviews have turned them away from a business. Bill Rice provides the ultimate reputation management checklist that will help you protect your brand’s reputation and stay on Google’s good side.


Mobile-First Indexing: 4 Reasons to Focus on It

Mobile-first indexing is a widely discussed topic. Yet there’s still confusion as to what it means for business owners, how the transition impacts website traffic, and whether it influences conversion rates. If you’re still doubtful about mobile-first indexing, Roberto Garvin gives you four reasons to focus on it now.


Optimize Your Lead Capture Page

If you want to attract more leads, you need to have a lead capture page. This page enables you to collect leads for your offers and nurture them down the marketing funnel. To get the most out of it, you need to optimize it, and Jaime Nacach lists ten smart ways to do it.


Attract the Right Customer Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is a competitive field. If you want to capture and retain the attention of your target audience, you need to make sure to use the best practices and provide relevant content. Rather than jotting down a few sentences now and then, you should consider creating valuable content in the form of landing pages, a FAQ page, a comprehensive blog, and case studies. Pedro Dias Marques explains in detail why online content is vital for your business and how exactly it can help you attract the right customer.


The 4 Main Types of Market Segmentation

Staying highly relevant to your audience is essential to every brand’s success. However, as your audience grows more substantial, this becomes somewhat of a challenge due to the broader preferences, needs, and opinions of your target group. To cope with this, it’s essential that you implement market segmentation. This method enables you to understand the individual needs of each customer segment and cater your offerings accordingly. Hannah Tow lists the four main types of market segmentation and provides useful tips for implementing it in your strategy.


Tuesdays With Tina - Market Segmentation


5 Ways to Reinforce Your Marketing Strategy with AI

Artificial Intelligence is already part of our lives. In fact, it’s omnipresent. AI is already integrated into our education systems, smartphones, and more. From a marketer’s standpoint, AI can be utilized as a long-term strategy for efficient targeting. Brandon Jarman explores the five ways you can incorporate AI into your marketing in 2019.


Have SEO in Mind When Starting a Website from Scratch

Web design and SEO are separate parts of a marketing strategy that rely on each other. When you launch a new site, you need to take SEO into account and start optimizing right from the beginning. In her guest post for UpCity, Caz Bevan emphasizes how important this practice is and what its benefits are.


Here I conclude this monthly roundup. Don’t forget to check back for more news on the last Tuesday of April.

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