Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 30)

Happy Tuesday, guys!

The world of SEO and SEM is full of ideas on the best way to boost your website’s rankings and reach your target audience.

This week’s roundup includes tips to balance SEO strategies with brand storytelling, incorporate long tail keywords into content writing, and increase traffic by 571% in 13 months.

You will also learn which factors influence your website’s credibility and what to do when your organic traffic suddenly drops.

Let’s hop in and discover all about it and more!


Local Search Issues

Google has been serving local results on search tailored according to the browsers current whereabouts. This is quite a useful feature, but Andrew Shotland explains that sometimes Google isn’t sure whether the searcher wants a web page relevant to the location or results relevant to a certain word or phrase. He explains this problem in details and points out that Google still has a lot of work to do when it comes to location.


SEO Storytelling

We all know that content is the heart of SEO. However, good content doesn’t mean telling random stories stuffed with keywords and curated only with the purpose of ranking high on Google. You really can create engaging content that follows the best SEO practices while also remaining true to your brand voice. At Skyword, Jackie Lam elaborates on how to balance SEO strategy with brand storytelling.


Subjective Attributes Benefit Your Business

Subjective Attributes, which appear in your Google My Business Insights, inform you what users think about business. Bright Local’s contributor, Ben Fisher, explains what are GMB insights and how you can use them.


Learn How to Fix Google Analytics Mistakes for E-commerce Sites

Jill Quick has done a lot of Google Analytics Audits. Along the way, she has learned a lot of things, including the common mistakes for eCommerce sites which can make the data unusable. In an attempt to help people get the most out of her experience, Quick shares her latest work at Deep Crawl, “Common Google Analytics Mistakes for E-commerce Sites and How to Fix Them”.


Local Languages Influence Your Advertising Efforts

Tuesdays With Tina - Google AdWords

In most cases, the main official language would translate into high impressions. However, that is not always the case, and there are many factors that can influence how many times a potential customer clicks your ad. Hannes Ben explains how local languages should influence your search and advertising strategies, elaborating on the complexities that advertisers should take into consideration.


Create an Appealing Landing Page Using the Right Visuals

Creating a landing page that converts means creating an engaging piece of content that expresses your value. However, using too written content on the landing page can have a negative effect. Instead, you can opt for visuals to balance things out. Victoria Klochkova explains How The Right Use Of Visuals Can Boost Landing Page Conversion.


Factors Influencing Your Website Credibility

A website’s credibility influences leads more than any other factor. Your visitors can turn into potential customers only after they are sure they can trust your brand. At Search Engine Watch, Lucy Barrett has broken down the factors that influence your website’s credibility, outlining the most important ones.


The Ultimate Guide to Page Speed Metrics

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors. SEO statistics show that a top ranking site has an average speed of 1900 ms, which is 10% faster than a site that ranks on the 10th spot on SERPs. However, with so many speed metrics, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the most accurate. That’s why Ross Momtahan has written a comprehensive guide to page speed metrics.


Increase Your Traffic by 571%

Tuesdays With Tina - Site Traffic

If you want to boost your traffic and stay at the forefront of your industry, you need to keep up with the ever-changing game in SERPs. To help you in this mission, Brian Jackson shares the ultimate WordPress SEO Checklist – 45 Tips to Increase Traffic by 571% in 13 Months.


AMP Stories Update

AMP stories have been introduced past February. Recently, they have been upgraded to version 1.0. As outlined in Matt Southern’s latest piece at Search Engine Journal, AMP Stories in Google Search can now be monetized. Well, that, and a few more things.


Don’t Underestimate the Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords aren’t a useless concept. Quite the contrary, they have excellent conversion rates, provide context behind the content, assist voice search, and are good for mobile optimization. And still, they are often ignored. In his latest piece at Credible Content, Amrit Hallan explains how to incorporate long tail keywords into content writing, as well as their importance and benefits.


Your Site Traffic Dropped? Here’s What You Need to Do!

If you’re a content marketer or website owner, you’re bound to experience a site traffic drop at some point. The reasons why this happens are many, and Google’s algorithm updates sure have a lot to do with it. Marc Schenker outlines 6 things to check for when your organic traffic suddenly drops, thus lowering conversion, ranking, and followed by a drop in sales as well.


Google Tests Price Insights for Hotel Listings

Google wants to become the ultimate source for hotel bookings. After running the Location Tab and Location Score test, Sergey Alakov reports Google is testing a new feature in hotels’ listings – Price Insights. This test is a step further in Google’s mission to offer users all the information they need during the research, consideration, and booking stages.


PPC in One-Two-Three!

Justin Kerley, an SEO expert, has just recently shown interest in doing paid search. He started setting up and running AdWords campaigns and discovered that paid search can indeed bring positive results. Kerley shares his insights and narrows down to 3 ways to use SEO skills to improve your PPC.


That’s all folks!

Here we end our weekly roundup. As it was more on the educational side, I would really like to hear whether you will be implementing any of the tips and ideas outlined here.

See you next Tuesday!

Good luck ranking!

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