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On this week’s collection of the best SEO and SEM articles across the web you’ll find tips on how to employ app store optimization and how to choose the best mobile technology for your SEO.

This week’s roundup also provides an advanced guide to local search rankings, the main takeaways from this year’s State of Inbound, the best eCommerce practices for 2018, and much more.

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State of Inbound Main Takeaways

Technological advancements bring change in consumer behavior. HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound Report—which records consumer behavior trends, sales initiatives, and the changes that happened over time—shows outbound paid advertising methods are some of the most overrated tactics, whereas inbound practices are what people use most to find, engage, and move along the sales process. On that note, Iris Hearn shares more data-backed truths you need to know from the 2018 State of Inbound.


Add Visual Value to Your Content: Image SEO 101

Tuesdays With Tina - Image SEO

Blog-post images are an important part of SEO strategies for all websites, regardless of the niche. But in order to leverage the real value of images and get authority and better ranking, you need to consider image placement, context, and URL structure. In other words, you need to employ image optimization. In “Image SEO: Optimization Steps and Using Images to Bring Visual Value,” Sachin Sharma discusses how to make images a real asset for your site.


Expandable Featured Snippets Are Here

Expandable featured snippets are Google’s latest improvement intended to provide users with more comprehensive results for searches. Gordon Donnelly explains everything about this recent change—what exactly it is, why it matters, and how it will affect your SEO efforts—in his latest post for WordStream, “Expandable Featured Snippets Mark Continued Shift in Search.”


PR + SEO = Success

Nowadays, the importance of SEO for businesses is undeniable. That being said, many business owners tend to downgrade PR. This doesn’t have to be the case because SEO and PR have a lot in common; therefore, they can work perfectly together. Julie Coquerelle explains how PR can support your SEO strategy and offers some valuable tips to integrate these two practices.


Plan Your Success Strategy for Q4

With Q4 just around the corner, you need to set yourself up for success. The holiday season is upon us and paid social is likely to have a huge impact on your overall marketing efforts, both in building the funnel and delivering conversions. If you haven’t already figured out your success strategy, Sana Ansari outlines how to gear up your paid social plan for Q4.


Track the User Journey in Google Analytics 360

Aligning your data to deal with different situations helps you track users’ paths. Google Analytics 360 Custom Funnels make this process seamless, by enabling you to visualize a user’s journey. Through several simple steps, Kevin Rutter shows how to track the user journey in Google Analytics 360 and helps you set up.


Important Bing Ads Tracking Updates

Ensuring tracking is implemented and set up correctly is a crucial aspect of managing your account. This data is very important as it helps you determine how to optimize your PPC campaign further on. On that note, Bri Saxman walks you through all the Bing Ads tracking updates you need to know and helps you prepare for what’s coming.


Visual Content Is a Must on Social Media

Visual content enhances the connection between your brand and potential customers. If used properly, the infographic, images, screenshots, and memes you choose can help you stand out from the crowd. To social media users, they’re appealing and more interesting than plain text; therefore, implementing visual content in your social media marketing is crucial. Alexandra Djordjevic gives more details about why you need visual content on social media.


“Aloha,” Facebook!

Tuesdays With Tina - Facebook Voice Search

Facebook is a latecomer to the voice assistant game. But according to the recent research discovered in Facebook’s code, this is set to change. Reports speculate that the interface, named Aloha, will become a key part of Facebook apps and potentially of a Facebook smart speaker. In “Say ‘Aloha’: A closer look at Facebook’s voice ambitions,” Josh Constine prepares you for what’s yet to come.


Optimize for Readability

You’ve heard it many times: the content on your website has to be relevant and deliver outstanding value to customers. So you put in a lot of effort scraping the right keywords together to craft long, informative content that covers the respective query. However, many marketers overlook one step in their content strategy—how to ensure people are actually reading it. In “Reaching the Web Reader—Optimizing Content for Readability,” Samantha-Rae Tuthill helps you understand this notion and highlights the areas on which you should focus.


Local Search Rankings: An Advanced Guide

Ranking in local searches is becoming more difficult as the competition gets tougher. Marketers should be aware of the constant algorithm updates and adapt their strategies accordingly. Kyle Goodchild shares an advanced guide to local search rankings, in which he highlights three major pillars that will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Choose the Best Mobile Technology for Your SEO

The importance of mobile devices has been constantly growing, and today only the mobile-friendly websites count for Google. 54% of smartphone users look for deals and 51 percent of them use their mobile devices to compare prices. There are several approaches to introduce mobile functionality on your websites. In the Mobile Technology Showdown, Artur Bowsza helps you determine which mobile technology will be the best for your SEO.


Keeping Up with Voice Search

Voice search is one of the fastest-growing technologies set to completely reshape our web experience. Nowadays, 325 million people are searching through the internet using voice-enabled technology, according to the recent voice search statistics. But what does this mean for marketers? How can you prepare? Maria Silvia Sanna with Wordlift brings all the answers in Voice Search SEO in 2018—All You Need to Optimize Your Content.


Best Ecommerce Practices for 2018

Tuesdays With Tina - Ecommerce Best Practices

SEO stats show that 39% of all global eCommerce traffic comes from search. This trend continues to rise, which means optimizing your online store for search engines is more important than ever when it comes to landing new customers and creating a solid base of loyal buyers. Adam Heitzman presents the best eCommerce SEO practices for 2018, which guarantee a sales boost.


Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Store Seo

The mobile app market is bigger than ever and continues to evolve. This results in more and more apps being introduced every day. Consequently, app store optimization has become a necessity for those that want their app to stand out in the main app stores, boost traffic to listings, and improve conversion rates. Cristina Stefanova shares the ultimate guide to app store optimization for 2018, in which she addresses visibility challenges and more key points that you need to know (like, yesterday!).


Do AMP Articles Really Get More Page Views from Google?

Google AMP has been introduced in order to help publishers boost page loading on mobile devices and increase the consumption of articles on them. However, according to a test conducted by Daily Beast, AMP articles didn’t get more page views from Google. Even among publishers who did see changes, result varied widely. Sarah Sluis details this issue in “Chartbeat: Only a Third of Google AMP Publishers See Traffic Boost.”


Create an Actionable Performance Dashboard in a Few Simple Steps

Google Search Console now offers a more user-friendly interface that enables you to visualize and browse the top search visibility data of your site. This is particularly helpful for analyzing the impact of search ranking updates. Aleyda Solis shows how to create a more actionable Performance Dashboard and obtain all the information you need, as well as analyze the data seamlessly.


How LinkedIn Rose to the Top Search Results for LinkedIn Marketing

A few years ago LinkedIn wasn’t the top result for searches related to LinkedIn for marketing; it was outranked by other sites that covered social media best practices. Finally, it claimed its search spot by using a progressive content strategy. What’s more, the social media giant has gained a healthy following. In “How LinkedIn Spun to the Top of Search for LinkedIn Marketing,” Carla Johnson details LinkedIn’s rocky road.


The Top 10 UX Copywriting Pointers to Steal Now

UX copywriting takes a different angle to traditional copywriting. This approach results in intuitive copy that serves to answer all a user’s questions, give feedback, and prompt them to take action. Basically, the goal of UX copywriting is to start a conversation with the user and lead them towards a desired action. Claire Hawes shares the 10 UX copywriting pointers to boost website conversions.


The Immortality of SEO

We’ve been saying it over and over again: when used right, SEO is one of the most powerful tools for every marketer. Yet the importance of SEO and its impact are still being questioned by some marketers. In fact, every day we witness headlines announcing that SEO is dead. Well, SEO is much alive and more important than ever, and Erin Jones has taken it upon herself to explain in detail why SEO will never die.


Learn to Write Title Tags and Meta Descriptions like a Pro

Titles and meta descriptions are an essential part of your SEO strategy. They’re displayed on search engine results pages, and oftentimes they can be the deciding factor whether readers click your page or not. Stuart Bellis explains how you can write SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions and earn those key clicks.


50 Promotion Tactics for Great Exposure

Tuesdays With Tina - Content Promotion

It’s 2018 and the internet is flooded with content, which makes it even harder to stand out. If you’ve created awesome content but suffered the so-called invisible syndrome, this is the article you need. Lee Odden’s advice is to make promotion a part of content planning. To help you with that, he shares a list of 50 promotion tactics to consider next time you’re planning your content.


Pro Tips to Create an Effective Sales Funnel

If your goal is to generate sales, you need an efficient strategy behind the content you’re creating. Focusing on the sales journey you create when people land on your website is one of the most important strategies. Matt Adams gives insightful information about how to create a sales funnel from your blog and maximize conversions.


The above articles are an amazing resource for those of you who want to keep up with the changes happening on a daily basis in the world of SEO.

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