Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 37)

I’m so glad it’s Tuesday! Here’s to another week of amazing SEO news and tips!

It’s been raining the last seven days which gave me quite some time to look for the latest SEO updates. Although many people don’t like rainy days, it’s been raining information in the SEO industry as well, so I’m grateful for the extra time I got.

But enough about the weather! Let’s dig in and learn more about last week’s SEO insights!

Technical SEO for Non-Techies

Great content and a load of quality backlinks won’t mean a thing if your website has technical issues. Assuming you’re not a techie, you probably don’t even realize that it’s impossible to do good SEO without being familiar with basic tech principles. In her “Technical SEO Checklist for the Non-Technical Marketer,” Mindy Weinstein points out how it’s essential to be able to at least identify the technical issues on your site.

Link-Building Techniques in 2018

SEO is one of the rare industries that is constantly changing, meaning a formula that brought you success a year ago won’t keep you there for years to come. However, one aspect of SEO always stands tall. Of course, I’m talking about link building. Effective link-building techniques are precious, since a technique that worked last year might not work that well in 2018. Chris Porteous gives his take on the most important link-building techniques in 2018.

Bounce Rate and CTR: How Important Are They?

User behaviour and engagement are two extremely important SEO factors. The way people behave while they’re on your site gives Google’s algorithm a clear answer to whether it should push you up in the SERPs or expel your site to the dark caves of the second or third page. Probably the best way to determine user engagement is through CTR and bounce rate. Mandeep Singh explains how bounce rate and CTR play a crucial role in search engine rankings.

SEO Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

As the year comes to a close, it becomes clearer which factors were the most influential in the SEO industry. Maarten Van Erdeghem, a Digital specialist at Living Stone shares his opinion on the 5 SEO trends to watch in the future. Some of them are obvious, like quality content and UX, but take a look at his opinion on the influence of voice search on SEO.

Tuesdays With Tina Week 37

Google News Digest

Google always celebrates its birthdays with new tweaks and updates. This year has been no different. David Bain provides us with a Google News digest. Check out this article on the SEMrush blog and learn more about display ads, new featured snippets, and a rebranded Google Drive. If you take SEO seriously, you’ll definitely find something to draw your attention!  

Nine Advanced Tips for Speed Optimization

Just like every summer, this one has brought some speed to our lives. When it comes to SEO, the Google Speed Update has brought yet another thing to take care of if you want to rank. Just like always, Google has its own rules that website owners must obey. Namely, readers want to get information, and they want it fast. Aleh Barysevich knows that, and that’s why he gives us nine advanced tips for speed optimization.

The Effect of the August Core Algorithm on Small Businesses

As you might remember, this August there has been a change to Google’s core search algorithm. A month after the change has been made, it’s time to see how it impacted businesses and what the main changes Google introduced were. Since the author of this article, Joy Hawkins, is a small-business owner, she focuses on the changes that happened in the SMB world after this update!

Start Ranking Using Local Keywords

You’re not famous if your neighbors haven’t heard about your achievements. However, many local businesses find it very hard to rank due to fierce competition and the inability to boost their SEO. Luckily, search engines work on democratic principles. Check out what Brandon Lee has to say about ranking higher on Google using only local keywords.

Tuesdays With Tina Week 37 SEO

AI’s Growing Influence on Content and SEO

The high-tech industry is continuously developing, and the influence of AI on SEO can’t be neglected. The Google RankBrain algorithm proves that a change in SEO trends is imminent with every significant technological breakthrough. Although I have some personal doubts that AI will be able to mimic human-level content creation in the near future, it will certainly happen in the following decades. Bashir, from TechGeeks365 shares his views on AI’s growing influence on content and SEO.

Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

If no one’s ever heard about you, your chances of becoming famous are borderline impossible. The same goes with the three most important search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo make 96% of the search engine market. Consequently, if they don’t crawl your site or you don’t index it, ranking will be another sequel of Mission Impossible, without the happy ending. Joshua Hardwick, the Head of Content at Ahrefs has a word or two on how to submit your website to search engines and whether it’s even necessary to do it.

SEO for Bloggers

Owning a blog today isn’t the same as owning a blog in 2010. For instance, millions of bloggers and webmasters must follow the latest updates because search engines continually try to separate the wheat from the chaffs. Therefore, you’ll probably need a consistent and well-thought SEO and content strategy if you want to succeed. If you want to be a successful blogger, you might want to review this checklist of 19 blog SEO tips by Inessa Bokhan.

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All SEO Tools You’ll Need in 2018

There’s an urban legend that either Abraham Lincoln or an anonymous woodsman once said that if he had four hours to chop down a tree, he would spend half of the time sharpening his axe. I can’t help but draw the parallel that you might have all the SEO knowledge in the world, but without proper tools, your site isn’t going to rank. Luckily, Chase Reiner did some hefty research and created a list of 198 SEO tools that may prove to be useful for your business, so feel free to check it out!

That’s all I have to share for this Tuesday! See you in seven days! when I’ll have even more interesting SEO tips and insights that are sure to help you rank!

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