Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 41)

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In this week’s roundup, you’ll find out whether you should hire a marketing agency or add an SEO/SEM specialist to your team. Also, there are some creative tips on how to deliver Halloween-fitting content for your readers, as well as some useful information regarding duplicate content and SEO.

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Technical SEO Audit Checklist—Updated

A technical audit is one of the core principles for successful SEO. In other words, SEO’s job starts and finishes with the technical audit. In his latest update to “Technical SEO Audit Checklist for Human Beings,” Benjamin Estes has added more points to ensure implementation of technical SEO doesn’t impede search visibility.


5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

Tuesdays With Tina - Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an absolute necessity for every business. For one, digital marketing allows you to interact and connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. According to digital marketing stats for 2018, Google is responsible for 96% of all smartphone search traffic and 94% of total organic traffic. Find the five main reasons why your business needs digital marketing.


Welcome Google’s In-Market Audiences for Search

Google has released a new feature from beta: In-Market Audiences for Search. This useful feature enables advertisers to overlay more than 500 different audiences on top of their search campaigns in order to target specific prospects with the intention of buying a particular product. Jill Brigandi introduces Google’s In-Market Audiences for Search and explains how to use it to fuel your digital marketing efforts.


The Ranking Factor Everyone Should Know About SEO

According to the SEO stats, Google uses over 200 factors when determining a SERP’s order. Optimizing your website for all of them is nearly impossible, but you still have a chance to optimize for one of the most important ranking factors—domain authority. Clifford Chi dives deep into how domain authority impacts your rankings and how you can improve your authority score in his latest post for HubSpot.


Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. Adding an SEO/SEM Specialist to Your Team

If your goal is to improve the SEO or SEM results for your ecommerce site, you’re probably deciding whether you need to hire a marketing agency or add an SEO or SEM specialist to your marketing team. To help you make a more informed decision, Mike Belasco has researched the salaries offered for SEO and SEM professionals, as well as the current job listings in order to provide you with information on what skills you’ll be getting if you hire an in-house employee.


Prepare for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and we can already feel it. So why not deliver holiday-fitting content to cheer customers and bring the trick-or-treaters to your online yard? Christian Ward shares 4 Halloween digital marketing ideas to try out this season.


Go Big or Go Home: Global SEO

Tuesdays With Tina - Global SEO


If you’ve reached your local market potential, the next logical step is going global. The primary goal of a global SEO campaign is to align with what customers in the target location expect. Since this task can be quite challenging, Kalpesh Guard has compiled a short guide to global SEO that outlines some of the best practices and helps you get started.


All You Need to Know About Duplicate Content & SEO

If your promotion strategy includes publishing the same content on different websites, you must be wondering how that impacts your search engine optimization efforts. Namely, when search engines identify duplicate content, they decide which post is more authoritative and show that one in search results. The trick is to learn how to effectively re-use your content and get the most out of it. Ali Parmelee shares the seven things you need you to know about duplicate content and SEO.


AI Technologies for Local Businesses

Along with voice search, AI is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Businesses of all sizes are trying to use AI-powered technologies for commercial purposes. Daniel Bishop takes us through some of the most high-impact AI technologies available to local businesses that boost the efficiency and performance of their marketing efforts.


The 9 Best Blogging Tools

Your SEO efforts can be more efficient if you take advantage of the right tools to grow your email list, find and rank for specific keywords, and create a deep connection with your audience. Bill Widmer has compiled a list of the nine best blogging tools perfect for WordPress websites and blogs.


Generate SEO Results by Using Video

Video is arguably the most engaging content form. It’s interactive and conveys human emotion, offering a deeper connection with the target audience. As of recently, Google began displaying video thumbnails in 26% of search results. On the other hand, videos boost the CTR rate, which drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERP. Karina Tama discusses this topic further and explains how to use videos to generate SEO results.


6 Points to Consider Before Launching a PPC Campaign

Tuesdays With Tina - PPC Campaign

PPC marketing is a highly targeted and efficient digital marketing strategy. Still, there are some things to consider to ensure your campaign will be successful. In his latest work, Ilya Cherepakhin gives six points to consider before launching a PPC campaign.


Why You Need XML Maps

Having a good XML map is an integral part of your SEO game as it enables Google to find the most important pages of your website, even in cases when your internal linking is not that perfect. Yoast’s Meike Hendriks explains in detail what XML sitemaps are and how they help you rank better.


Neutral Matching Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know

Google has announced new features during its birthday celebration event, which took place last week. The new features aim to make the tech giant more versatile and enhance its ability to deliver informative and comprehensive results. One of the most important things introduced during this event was the Neutral Matching algorithm. Sean Si provides you with everything you need to know regarding how the new algorithm shapes the future of SEO.


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