Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 44)

Happy Tuesday, guys!

I don’t know about you, but these chilly autumn days make me more productive. As a result, I’ve compiled a killer list of the latest happenings in the world of SEO and SEM.

Before we start, here’s a sneak peek: We have the definitive guide for SEO in 2019! Plus, we’ll learn the main principles of bounce rate optimization, the basics of Amazon keyword research, and more.

Let’s start!

The Definitive Guide to SEO for Web Designers

Tuesdays With Tina - SEO for Web Designers

Web design and SEO are two critical components to developing a great website optimized for search engines. Naturally, web designers have an essential role in building the site, but also in its online reputation. Apart from creating a superb design, they need to be aware of the commercial aspect of the websites and know some essential SEO insights. Pawan Sahu gives the main principles of SEO for web designers, both for those building a new site and those who are revamping an existing one.


SEO in 2019: Proven Techniques & Strategies

To help you up your search engine optimization game, Brian Dean shares the definitive guide to SEO in 2019. This guide is not about predictions but about proven strategies that are working at the moment and will continue to be relevant in 2019.


The Basics of Amazon Keyword Research

Optimizing for the Amazon buy box in the same way one optimizes content for organic search results to provide the best shopper/searcher experience possible is a big thing. After all, Amazon is a search engine on its own. In his guide, Conor Bond explains why keywords are essential for success on Amazon and reveals four tips to conduct better Amazon keyword research.


SEO Services + Inbound Marketing = Stellar Success

If you don’t actually understand how organic search strategies fit into your inbound marketing services, you’re not alone. In fact, many marketers and service providers perform SEO services and inbound marketing as two separate functions due to a lack of deeper understanding. That’s a mistake. Organic search has a vital role in inbound marketing. Jason Patel goes into greater detail about how SEO services work with inbound marketing to generate business growth.


Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks and a goldmine for businesses, offering many advertising options ranging from stories to IGTV. Retailors Group’s Mark Manalac, an SEO Toronto consultant, gives a quick guide to Instagram metrics for small businesses and helps you understand how to get the most out of it to grow your business.


The Beginner’s Guide to the Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is widely known to help grow a successful blog. Coined by Backlinko’s Brian Dean, Skyscraper is a creative way to promote a blog to build high-quality backlinks, get more social shares, and boost the overall website traffic, and it’s proven to work. If you want to familiarize yourself with this technique, read Anil Agarwal’s beginner’s guide to the Skyscraper Technique.


The Main Principles of Bounce Rate Optimization

Tuesdays With Tina - Bounce Rate Optimization

By optimizing your bounce rate, you’re not only decreasing the website’s bounce rate, but you’re also working to maximize your conversion rate. To put it simply, if you implement strategies to improve the user experience, consumers will stay on your site longer, thus boosting the conversion rate. Garry Grant explains in detail what bounce rate optimization is and guides you to its main principles.


Do You Need a Seasonal SEO?

We’re only a few weeks away from the holiday season and now would be the perfect time to ask the question, do you need a seasonal SEO? Seasonal SEO is short-term optimization during a certain period. As SEO is indeed an extensive process, there’s the potential of losing the rankings gained with long-term keywords. On the other hand, seasonal keywords can help you beat the competition during this critical period of the year. If you want to know the final verdict on this question, this article by the Creative Monsters is your must-read piece.


Common Google My Business Mistakes to Avoid

Google My Business offers the perfect opportunity to provide your customers with all the necessary information about your business. Unless you want to lose out on new customers, you need to monitor your GMB Knowledge Panel and keep it up to date. If you want to know whether you’re on the right path, check Jason Brown’s list of the most common GMB mistakes that might affect your listing.


How to Choose a Domain Name and Stand Out

Choosing the right domain could be one of the most important decisions you make to help your SEO efforts. A good domain name inspires trust and gives a sense of professionalism, encouraging visitors to land on your site and stay there. However, when on the lookout for the perfect domain, you’re bound to encounter fierce competition. In an attempt to streamline the process for you, Brian Jackson explains how to choose a domain name and stand out.


Increase Your Organic CTR in Creative Ways

CTR, or Click Through Rate, is a significant performance metric that helps you analyze user intent, measure the quality of your content, and examine the effectiveness of your CTA. Additionally, the CTR helps in securing a ranking boost. Now, if you’re wondering how to increase your organic CTR, Albin Sandberg offers three creative ways to make your page stand out in the SERP.


The SEO Battle: WordPress vs. Wix

Choosing a website builder that’s optimized for SEO can significantly help you get your site discovered. Both WordPress and Wix offer great options for organizing content that Google can easily index and rank. Plus, they provide amazing plugins that add to the functionality of the site. Mark Spera compares these two web builders and helps you decide which one is better for your SEO efforts.


Going to the Duck Side

Tuesdays With Tina - DuckDuckGo

The search engine that focuses on protecting searchers’ privacy, DuckDuckGo, is registering impressive growth. Recently, it noted 30 million daily searches, which is a year-on-year increase of 50%. Edith MacLeod takes you to the Duck side and explains everything about this search engine, which may be a good fit for all those of you who are concerned with the privacy protection offered by the tech giants.


Choose the Best CRM for Your Business

If you’ve decided to invest in a cloud-based customer relationship management software for your company, then you need to know that you’ll encounter many different options. Because this can be quite overwhelming, Jillian Papa has compiled a list of factors you need to know before you choose the CRM for your business

As a bonus, take a look at some of the most important CRM statistics!


With this, I leave you be. Soak the information in and start planning your next move.

See you next Tuesday!

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