Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 48)

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In this week’s compilation, you’ll learn all the ways the risky reviews schemes can hurt your business, how to start guest blogging like a pro, the CRO guide for 2019, and more.

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4 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes

Tuesdays With Tina - Content Marketing Mistakes

Consider this content marketing stat: websites that keep up a blog have 434% more search engine–indexed pages than those that don’t. So, it’s pretty obvious that building a successful company is hardly possible without a solid content marketing strategy. But with so much content on the internet today, the bar for quality content is higher than ever. To make sure your content stands out, you need to know and implement the best practices. More importantly, you need to know the most critical content marketing mistakes, which Dave Schneider outlines in his latest post.


The Review Schemes That Could Tank Your Business

You’re probably aware of how important online reviews are regardless of the industry you’re in. But if you’re considering paying to get reviews or employ other sketchy reviews schemes, stop right there. Jason Brown explains how these risky schemes could ruin your business and offers proven and legitimate ways to generate reviews.


The Best SEO Tools for Monitoring Website Performance

Sudden algorithm changes can make you feel confused. Luckily, there are many tools (both free and paid) that can help you see your site exactly how Google sees it and stay on top of the trends. Tom Demers lists the best tools that can help you run a site analysis like a pro.


What SEOs Can Learn From AdWords?

Knowing how organic and paid search work together can be beneficial for your business. For that purpose, SEOs should know the ins and outs of AdWords and how to improve your rankings and the on-site experience. In the latest edition of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, Dana DiTomaso explains what SEOs can learn from AdWords.


Advanced SEO for Food Bloggers

Food blogging is one of the most competitive niches in SEO. With competition so fierce, ranking well in this industry is not exactly a piece of cake. But, if someone could help you with it that would be Casey Markee, the founder of digital consultancy Media Wyse and the on-staff SEO Expert for Search Engine News and Food Blogger Pro. Melissa Fach has interviewed Markee, who has over 20 years experience in the SEO field and asked him to share the secrets of conducting advanced SEO for food bloggers.


Guest Blogging: How to Get Published on Top Publications

Tuesdays With Tina - Guest Blogging

The guest blogging trend isn’t slowing down – in fact, it remains one of the favorite link building tactics for marketers. Besides providing an opportunity to gain links, guest blogging also gives access to a broader audience and improves the author rank. John Stevens has mastered this process over the years and has managed to get published on some of the most significant publications. He shares his secrets and helps you do the same through his five-step process.


Is Your Page Over-Optimized?

There’s one aspect of SEO that you shouldn’t forget – over-optimization. This is an umbrella term for black-hat SEO practices which implies that you are focused more on getting search engine optimization points over user experience. Since you can’t trick Google, it’s useful to know what tactics to avoid in order to prevent over-optimization, and Daniel Crummack helps you with that.


Update the Content Without Harming Your SEO

Creating high-quality blog content takes up a lot of time and effort, and naturally, you would want your posts to be relevant for as long as possible. You can never go wrong with an evergreen type of content but, in order to keep up with trends, you would sometimes need to write a post about something happening at the moment. Regardless of the article category, when the time comes to update the content, you should be able to do so without harming your SEO, and Beth Walkers guides you through the process.


The 7-Step Marketing Strategy That Will Help Increase Sales

The primary marketing goal is to increase brand awareness. Having a clearly defined strategy before starting to market your products or services is very important because it helps you align marketing and sales. Speaking in inbound marketing terms, this includes the strategy you use to nurture your prospect through your lead funnel and the exact point when can you turn a prospect over from marketing to your sales team. Jeff Previte provides all the steps you need to follow as you develop a marketing strategy that will help you drive sales.


Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO and Beat Them in the Game

One of the most underestimated methods for excelling in the search engine optimization game is to monitor the strategies employed by the competition. Gaurav Sharma shows you how to leverage SEO competitor analysis and improve your search results rankings.


Master Metadata

Google uses the metadata to index your site. Each page has a unique set of metadata, a code, that may not be visible to the visitors. The metadata should be crafted in accordance with the copy of each page and shouldn’t be repeated on multiple pages. In her guest post for Upcity, Mary Fisher explains how to master metadata, providing relevant examples.


Conversion Rate Optimization Guide for 2019

You don’t want people to land on your site and leave immediately – you need them to take the action you want them to take. And if you feel this is lacking in your business, then you need conversion rate optimization. John E Lincoln guides you through the main steps for successful CRO in 2019.


A 10 Step Brand Development Strategy

Tuesdays With Tina - Branding

Your brand is much more than just a logo – it’s a representation of your business. Taking the time and effort to strengthen your brand would turn to be the best investment you’ve ever made. The Lounge Lizard team has crafted a ten-step brand development strategy for your professional services firm that will help you grow your business effectively and start seeing an increased revenue.


Mobile-First Age Web Design: Three Main Elements

If you want your site’s bounce rate to decrease, you need to have a web design suitable for the mobile-first world. This means responsive design, easy-to-use menus, and CTAs that naturally move visitors from the landing page to the desired action. Janet Wong goes into details about these three key web design elements in the mobile-first age.


This is the last roundup for the year. It’s time to soak up all the knowledge we’ve gathered through the past weeks and focus on creating a killer strategy for 2019.

The roundup will return in 2019 on a monthly basis and we’ll continue to learn new things together.

Happy holidays and happy rankings!


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