Top Companies for Automotive SEO Services

The automotive customer journey is one of the most complex among the industries. While people often purchase their vehicles on the spot, 59% go online to do some research. Automotive SEO services are therefore essential to help you ensure that your prospective buyers are treated to enjoyable and engaging customer experience. 

As you scroll down, you will discover the top companies that specialize in SEO for the automotive industry, followed by our custom evaluation methodology that helped us select the top picks. 

The Leading Automotive SEO Companies

Ripe Media

Ripe Media is a full-service marketing and design agency driven by a team of experts. They create custom plans designed ...

2 Absolute Digital Media

Absolute Digital Media

Absolute Digital Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides an integrated approach to car dealer ...

3 Marwick Internet Marketing

Marwick Internet Marketing

Marwick Internet Marketing is a trusted digital partner to automotive businesses across the globe. Since 2012, they ...

4 Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing provides incomparable Internet marketing services in Miami to a range of businesses varying ...

5 Brighter Digital

Brighter Digital

Brighter Digital is a boutique automotive SEO agency that helps clients get more customers and grow revenue. The team ...

6 SERP Wizard

SERP Wizard

SERP Wizard is a digital marketing agency focused on delivering premier SEO for car dealers. Flexible, reliable, and ...

7 Adster Creative

Adster Creative

Founded in 1998, Adster Creative has been providing results-driven car dealer search engine marketing. They are one of ...

8 Edkent Media

Edkent Media

Edkent Media is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2014, the agency ...

9 405 Ads

405 Ads

405 Ads is a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency designed to boost the bottom line for businesses of all ...

10 Digital Success

Digital Success

Digital Success has helped clients in industries like automotive, healthcare, and education dominate the SERPs and ...

How We Chose the Top Companies for Automotive SEO Services

To find the best companies that specialize in automotive search engine optimization, we’ve developed a custom evaluation methodology. We focused on the companies’ specialization, the services they offer, their reputation, and more.

Automotive SEO Specialization

The first — and most obvious — step is to filter the best SEO companies to find the ones that specialize in automotive search engine optimization. We look for companies with experience in delivering results for car dealerships.

To establish this, we go through the portfolio and case studies of each prospective auto SEO service firm we consider for our list. Beyond uncovering the team’s experience in automotive SEO marketing, these show how adept the team is, what approach they use, and how they solved the specific problems the clients were facing.

Key Services

Once we establish the company’s auto SEO proficiency, we evaluate the services they offer. Here’s what we consider a must-have:

Keyword Research

Keywords matter the most to successful SEO. The automotive SEO company must be able to provide relevant keywords including competitive ones and relevant variations of LSIs. This will enable your site to rank high for the most popular keywords but also focus on the user intent and capture the traffic that comes from it.

Creative Content

Creating creative and useful content is an excellent way to improve both search engine rankings and brand recognition. The best automotive SEO companies have a dedicated content team that is adept in crafting high-quality content, optimized for relevant keywords that will not only provide relevant information but it will also keep the visitors entertained, making them want to come for more.

Link Building

Link building remains the holy grail of search engine optimization. Well-designed internal links will make it easier for both users and search engine bots to navigate the website and effortlessly locate the information they need. This will also boost the time spent on-site which will also benefit your SEO efforts.
External links help automotive sites get easily recognized by search engines. The automotive SEO company must keep these relevant to your users and make sure that the websites they link to are trustworthy.

Local SEO

Digital has already transformed the way people buy vehicles. Considering that your customer base will mostly be local buyers, local search engine optimization is one of the best ways to connect with in-market shoppers.

The automotive SEO companies should be able to reach buyers at key points through the sales funnel and ultimately convert them. The must-have local SEO services for dealerships include Google My Business optimization, implementation of schema markup, and creation of business citations that will speak about the business’ relevance.

Image Optimization

An image search on Google for automotive brands notes a rise of 37% year-over-year. It makes sense, therefore, that the automotive SEO company should capitalize on this trend and make sure that the images are of high quality and well-optimized by including keywords, brand names, models, and more.

Measurement & Analytics Reporting

Any reputable enterprise SEO company would provide transparent revenue attribution and comprehensive yet easy-to-read monthly reports on the status of the SEO campaigns. Additionally, they should inform clients about the next steps. The team should also monitor on a daily basis for possible penalties, hacks, or other similar events.

Tracking Results

We made sure to list agencies that have a proven track record of maintaining an honest relationship with their clients. It’s not safe to just assume the tactics are working — you’ll need actual proof of increased web traffic and search engine rankings. The automotive SEO services must include a plan in place to track and monitor the search engine efforts. This will inform better the next steps, ensuring more success.


Online reviews are important to us because they reveal what the people that have already worked with the company have to say about their experience with the team, and the results of the services they received.

We avoided any company offering automotive SEO services whose bad client reviews outnumbered the good ones. On all other occasions, we made sure to take note of the strengths and weaknesses of the team, whether they were able to deliver, and the client satisfaction rate. These points were important for adjusting the rankings.


The average automotive SEO pricing ranges from $100 to $250 an hour or $2,500 to $10,000 per month. In many cases, the price is relative and it’s influenced by many factors such as the scope of work, the automotive SEO services provided, the business goals and objectives, the competition, and the website’s initial state.
We must note that while the company’s pricing wasn’t a decisive point whether or not to list them here, we certainly factored it in. We looked for firms that fall within the industry standard, but more importantly, companies that can deliver great value for money and excellent ROI.
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