Top Real Estate SEO Services Firms

To successfully run your real estate agency, you need to leverage what real estate SEO services have to offer as 44% of home buyers are searching online for properties.

To help you find the best real estate SEO provider, we have evaluated agencies with experience and that specializes in optimizing realtor websites.

Leading Companies for Real Estate SEO Services

Element 360

Element 360 is an SEO real estate agency whose team understands the essence of real estate buyers. What sets this ...

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2 Lead Horse Marketing

Lead Horse Marketing

Lead Horse excels in providing first-class real estate services that help clients grow their businesses through a ...

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3 Outspoken Media

Outspoken Media

Outspoken Media creates customized realtor SEO and digital marketing solutions that target clients’ needs and ...

$150–$199 / hour Learn More
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4 Real Estate Webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters serves the top real estate professionals, helping clients build a successful brand. The ...

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5 DEAN Knows

DEAN Knows

DEAN Knows is a New Orleans–based real estate SEO company. They leverage the best SEO practices and tools to help ...

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6 Paveya


Paveya is one of the best providers of SEO for realtors. The core marketing team that leads Paveya boasts over 50 years ...

7 The Real Estate SEO

The Real Estate SEO

The Real Estate SEO was founded with one goal: to provide high-quality, results-driven search optimization. Their ...

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8 KB Park

KB Park

Based in NY, Knightsbridge Park is one of the most established and popular marketing companies for realtors. A leader ...

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9 Kraus Marketing

Kraus Marketing

The team at Kraus Marketing offers creative ideas enhanced with exceptional project management skills to deliver ...

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How We Chose the Leading Companies Real Estate SEO Services

In the following section, you’ll discover the aspects we considered when evaluating the companies. Our custom evaluation methodology covers everything from awareness of the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) internet advertising policies to pricing and customer reviews.

NAR’s Internet Advertising Policies

The US has well-regulated real estate advertising ethics rules. Realtors need to follow the NAR internet advertising policies and standards of practice to avoid getting fined or ejected from the board.

We reach out to every real estate SEO company and specifically ask them about their knowledge of the NAR internet advertising policy. We also examine their reputation and past work to gauge whether they follow the guidelines and have a clean history.

Realtor Local SEO

Local SEO for real estate agents is essential to gaining the top positions in the SERPs and getting in front of potential home buyers searching for real estate agencies based on location.

We learn whether the companies locate and audit existing citations and create new ones across online directories like Yelp and Google My Business, as well as real estate listing websites like Trulia and Zillow. Apart from discovering and creating citations, we check the agency’s ability to manage and monitor them.

Real Estate Content Services

Content marketing is one of the must-have real estate SEO services. Updating your website with fresh and informative content is a great way to capture more leads. Quality content helps you establish trust and rapport with your clients, as well as build strategic partnerships.

We look for companies that craft targeted and engaging real estate content that improves the user experience and boosts search rankings. Agencies with experience in creating housing infographics, listing video tours, and content optimized for voice search and virtual assistants are ranked higher on our list.

Backlinks Quality

A quality backlink profile is the backbone of real estate agent SEO. The firm you choose to partner up with needs to stay away from black hat practices to increase your page’s ranking in the SERPs, which will ultimately get your site banned.

We analyze the quality of each firm’s SEO backlinks by looking into their past work. We check their clients’ domain authority and the naturalness of the linking pages and verify if they have optimized anchor texts.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

A real estate SEO agency is only as good as its reputation. Reviews and testimonials help us see the agency’s agility from a client’s perspective. We learn about the real estate SEO services the agency excels in, as well as the areas in which clients think the agency can improve.

We scan the internet looking for reviews about every agency we evaluate. Zillow, Yelp, Facebook,, and Trulia are our starting points.

Tracking, Measurement, and Reporting

Measurement is essential for success when it comes to SEO in general, not to mention SEO for realtors. You can’t improve it unless you measure it.

Professional real estate SEO services include tracking data about rankings, links, and more, to help analyze their strategy and create roadmaps for success. We examine their transparency regarding revenue attribution and their ability to create comprehensive and easy-to-read reports.

Additionally, professional agencies monitor keyword rankings, organic traffic, and leads. They also monitor your top three competitors and their keyword rankings, as well as the current SEO keyword trends for real estate, to continuously optimize and improve the performance of client websites.

Website Optimization

User experience is an essential factor for boosting your ranking in search results. A positive UX will decrease the bounce rate, which will show Google that users find your website useful. We look at the agency’s portfolio and check their previous work to establish how adept they are when it comes to website optimization.

Since 76% of potential home buyers use a mobile device to conduct research, a pro real estate SEO company should be adept in mobile optimization. The content, images, videos, and landing pages should be properly optimized for mobile devices.

We take into account how fast and secure the website is as a way to check whether they ensure an optimal experience for the clients. Finally, we check the agency’s expertise in technical SEO, which enables search engine bots to find the pages, crawl, and index them.

Keyword Research

Keyword competition in real estate is tough. A real estate SEO expert that provides a set of generic keywords like “homes for sale” will find ranking on the first page in Google SERP notably difficult. The professionals need to be aware of the high keyword competition in the real estate industry. They, therefore, need to be able to develop a solid long-tail keyword strategy. Keywords with lower competition and a high conversion rate will help you create a website that brings in more and more sales over time.

We check the agency’s reports and interviews to evaluate:

  • Their SEO keyword strategy for realtors, and its performance
  • The keyword funnel they use
  • How capable they are at using keywords by intent
  • How do they optimize content around those keywords

You would want to work with an agency that offers affordable real estate SEO services and guarantees high ROI. To help you down that road, we contact each firm to learn about their pricing policy and list the ones whose prices fall within the industry standard and have a proven track record of delivering value for money.

Project Management Skills

Project management informs us how the agency’s team handles real estate search engine optimization. In addition to details about their real estate SEO service, it also gives information about their team management agility and personal organization, and the team’s communication skills and risk management abilities.
We assess the following:

  • The team’s expertise and agility
  • Their planning and execution strategies to achieve specific goals
  • How they categorize those goals (short-term or long-term objectives)
  • Whether their plan includes KPI’s and deliverables.
  • What to consider Before hiring a specialist in realtor SEO
  • Do they have experience in your area?
  • If they check these boxes, it means they can adequately apply their marketing strategies to you and your business, and help you build relationships with homebuyers and property owners.
How to Choose the Best Real Estate SEO Company for Your Business

We did our best curate a list of the industry’s top picks but now it’s your turn to find your best match. We got you covered there too — what follows are the most important things you need to consider before deciding on the best agency that can meet your needs.

Vision Alignment

As a business owner, you probably have a vision for your brand. If you want to turn your vision into reality, you need to partner up with an agency that’s on the same page as you. The team will create strategies aimed to improve your bottom line, so it’s very important that they understand and support your vision.


It’s imperative that the agency providing real estate SEO services is honest and answers all your questions with 100% transparency. Also, consider that constructive disagreements are beneficial as long as the company acts in your best interest.


Setting a budget will help you shortlist the options. When doing so, you need to be realistic about your expectations and projected ROI. Also, make sure to avoid the companies whose services will go beyond your budget frame as that would cause more headaches in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a real estate SEO service?

If you don’t rank at the top of page one on Google search results for the keywords people use to search for what you offer, you should consider hiring an SEO agency. Also even if you rank high at the moment, you should keep in mind that Google’s algorithm changes constantly, and even the slightest slip-up could be fatal for your rankings.

Why is hiring a real estate SEO company a good idea?

Search engine optimization is a long-term process that doesn’t end at the click of a button. You probably have a full plate handling your business, which is why hiring an agency that provides SEO for real estate agents is a good idea. However, plan to stay involved, because you know your business better than anyone.

My real estate business is already doing great. Why should I consider hiring a real estate SEO consultant?

That’s great, but you also need to consider the changing consumer habits. Namely, almost 90% of all consumers start their search on the internet. If you don’t want to miss out on a considerable portion of potential customers, you need it.

How much will real estate SEO services cost me?

Your overall goals and objectives will decide the needs of your company. If you haven’t done search engine optimization in the past, a six-month campaign should be sufficient to start seeing changes. Typically, prices range between $300 and $2,000 per month.
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