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Are you too scouting the internet to find the right SEO agency to promote your business online? Look no further, however, as you have landed in the right place!

Here at SEO Tribunal, we simplify the tedious task of finding the best SEO company.

We use our expertise in SEO and hiring SEO agencies to analyze the strategies and work processes of SEO companies. We then use the accumulated data to present you with company listings which you can sort based on parameters of your choice.

Choosing an SEO company is not EASY!

We know, we’ve been there.

With all our experience in hiring SEO agencies to promote our websites, one of the things we know for sure is that getting an SEO company to work in the direction of your business goals is quite a task.

The match between the client and the SEO agency depends on many factors.

We are here to solve the tedious job of finding the right SEO partner for your company.

Based on contemplative research of the factors and processes involved in discovering the right SEO company, we have devised a methodology to help you easily choose the right one for you.

The tables on all city and category pages on our website are designed in a way to help you perform extensive research on SEO companies with minimal effort in around 15-20 minutes.

Who are we?

And why should you trust us with helping you find the right SEO agency?

To answer those questions, we should probably tell you a few stories about us.

We are a group of friends who started our careers in the field of web development and SEO in 2007. (Yeah, it was quite rudimentary back then.) We then established a small SEO agency of around 40-50 employees and worked only for premium clients with basic tasks like content creation and link acquisitions.

However, we had to close it down in 2011, primarily due to the premium-clients-only business model. (We initially chose this operating model as we were terrible at customer service.) Also, we don’t shy away to admit that the  incidence of mighty Pandas and Penguins spooked us out for a while.

Nevertheless, we did not give up on SEO!

We continued exploring the field of SEO but with a small change. Instead of us being the agency, we started affiliate websites and started hiring SEO agencies. We tried our hand with multiple companies from numerous locations in the USA and India for a year without any satisfactory results.

We gave up that idea and decided to combine the first two models. The outcome was:

We build our own websites and we optimize them on our own!

We started building in-house SEO teams who can execute our strategies, which were mostly based on Backlinko’s concepts.

This time, it did work out well, and here we are with SEO Tribunal.

Although hiring SEO agencies was an utter failure at its core purpose for us, it gave us invaluable experience in determining which is the right SEO company!

We now want to share that practical knowledge with fellow small business companies and help them discover the best SEO company to promote their products or services.

Our Team

I started my first website at 19 and it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. No joke! I was not a techie and it was 2005 – a time where there weren’t that many ready-made guides. By 2007 I was all set to start my own SEO agency! Since then, I have started multiple ventures and tried everything that you know of in the field of Internet Marketing. From working with clients as an SEO and exploring PPC for a while, to starting my own websites and hiring SEO and marketing companies – there is one thing that remained the same. To date, developing new SEO strategies is my passion, and I take great pleasure in testing the methods devised by established SEO experts like Brian Dean.
Harsha Reddy -- Head of Search 😛
Sharing the same interests and enthusiasm about SEO, I have been working alongside Harsha since 2009. I have been doing SEO for websites like webhostinggeeks.com, webhostinghub.com, 121carhire.com, carrentals.co.uk, and much more. However, SEO Tribunal is where I can exploit all my knowledge and skills. A little over a decade later, I still delight in examining SEO case studies done by experts in the field. Outside of my engagement on this website, I also enjoy doing simple case studies to determine the influence of SEO ranking factors.
Muninder Adavelli, Technical SEO & UX/UI
While Harsha and Muninder are more into the technical aspects of SEO, I am here to test the limits of traditional marketing strategies and brand exposure. Being part of the group for over a decade now, I complement the strategies that make our final products search-engine-friendly by examining what keeps our visitors coming back. Essentially, my main focus is to attract and direct potential audiences to the right place. In this case, SEO Tribunal.
Josh Wardini , Growth Marketer
Call me Tina. I am the latest addition to the pack, equally stunned by the wonders of SEO as the rest of the guys. I started working with Harsha in the field of content marketing, which is the essence of a well-developed SEO strategy. Curious to explore the wide field of SEO, I came to realize the following: Although people are conscious of the importance of SEO in promoting their products or services, there are very few resources they can turn to in regards to who should they entrust their SEO strategy with. That said, my daily engagements relate to promoting SEO Tribunal and raising awareness of the importance of choosing the right SEO company.
Hristina Nikolovska, Head of Marketing
Hristina Nikolovska
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