Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (April 2023)

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My SEM Easter hunt has ended and I have discovered a bunch of useful articles to share with you. You will learn some uncommon SEO tricks, the ultimate Google Maps marketing guide, as well as a new approach to keyword research, and much more.

Hope you’ll enjoy this month’s reads as much as I did!


Sold Out Products Hurt Your SEO

Selling out a product is exciting. Not only it has a positive impact on your revenue, but it also means that the particular product resonates with your audience. However, what you might not know is that sold out products can hurt your SEO. To avoid this, there are a few solutions you can apply based on the situation. Different product pages on the same site might require a different strategy, and Dale Bertrand simplifies all of them for you.


Why You Need an Experienced Copywriter

Copywriting is omnipresent in business advertising; therefore it should be carefully planned and crafted in a way that engages your audience while conveying the right message. Of course, this is not a simple thing to do which is why you need a professional on board. Still not convinced? See Aleksandra Djordjevic’s five reasons why you need to hire a digital agency with experienced and talented copywriters to do the heavy lifting.


Tuesdays With Tina - Copywriting


6 Types of Interactive Content To Boost Marketing

As a content marketer, you need to always up to your game since consumers are overwhelmed with information. Differentiating yourself from the competition will help you gain more attention to your products or services and boost your revenue. You can achieve this by putting together highly interactive content that will catch the audience’s attention. Winnie Wong walks you through six best types of interactive content to boost your marketing in 2019.


The Best ALT Text Practices

The text you give to an image on your website, a.k.a. the ALT attribute helps Google figure out what the image contains. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to improve your image SEO and maybe even get your pictures to show up high on Google Images, thus getting a lot of extra traffic to your website. Adriana shares the best ALT text practices to help you succeed in this.


Should You Delete Old Blog Posts?

Google changes its algorithms frequently. This means that you need to keep up with the trends; what was acceptable three years ago will very likely not work today. A major algorithm update came in 2011, so sites with content dating from 2011 or earlier, might be questioning themselves whether it’s better to delete that content. The SEOblog Editorial Team answers this question and more in their latest piece, “Can Deleting Old Blog Posts Improve Your Rankings?”.


Pick an Expired Domain for Better Rankings

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important decisions you need to make when starting a new website. You have several options: to select a brand new domain, to purchase an existing one, or register an expired domain. The third method is inexpensive and helps you in getting better rankings. If you’re interested in finding out how is this possible, read Peter Nyiri’s “How to pick a powerful expired domain for your next project.


Affiliate Marketing and SEO: The Perfect Balance

Both affiliate marketing and SEO have a goal to drive relevant traffic that will eventually turn into sales. That’s why they shouldn’t compete against each other. Instead, they should work in synergy to achieve the best results. Aligning affiliate marketing with SEO requires a strategic approach, and Shane Barker shows some tricks to make these two aspects of your business work seamlessly.


Tuesdays With Tina - Affiliate Marketing


Best Post Tagging Practices For Users and SEO Alike

Post tags are essential in creating a logical site structure, as they help website visitors find the posts they’re looking for quickly. But side effects can happen if you use tags the wrong way, and you can actually make it harder for people to navigate your site. This not only hurts the user experience but it’s also bad for your site’s SEO. Joost de Valk explains how post tags work and how to choose the best ones for your website.


10 Types of Links to Avoid

We have said it many times: links are the pillar of SEO (along with great content, of course). Having a substantial number of bad links can harm your rankings. Brian Harnish explains ten types of bad links that can get you on Google’s bad side. Plus, you’ll find some actionable tips.


Uncommon SEO Tricks You Need to Know

Link-building, quality content, and proper keyword research are the staples of great search engine optimization. However, few tricks are quite uncommon, but very important nonetheless. Brent Wildman outlines these SEO tricks to help you boost the performance of your campaigns.


Google Maps Marketing 101

With 97% of Google searches being locally-focused, leveraging Google Maps marketing is of the utmost importance for businesses to grow. However, showing up in the Google Maps 3 pack is much more than creating or claiming your Google My Business listing. To start you off, take a look at the ultimate guide for Google Maps marketing by Brennen Bliss.


Effective Lifecycle Email Marketing Strategies

As a marketer, you should be aware that the majority of people won’t make a purchase immediately after visiting your site. You need to build trust with the brand to nurture them in order. This is best achieved with lifecycle marketing – sending multiple emails to meet customers at different stages of the journey. Mark Coleman explains how to effectively use lifecycle emails to reach your customers and provides some actionable tips.


Tuesdays With Tina - Email Marketing


Best Practices for Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials have an undeniable power at boosting your brand credibility. Testimonials appeal to fellow customers because they tell a story. To leverage testimonials and turn them into a strong purchasing trigger, you need to put into practice some of Claire Motz’s tips.


All You Need to Know About Google’s RankBrain in 2019

RankBrain was rolled out in October 2015, becoming one of the essential parts of Google’s algorithm. Over the years, this machine-learning artificial intelligence system has been attracting unprecedented buzz. Aleksandra Pautaran provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about RankBrain and shares how it all started.


The New Approach to Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis of a good SEO strategy. To build visibility in the ever-changing digital environment, you need to update your approach to keyword research. Diona Kidd explains in details the importance of a keyword strategy for SEM and how to update your keyword research for optimal results.


How to Write a Landing Page Copy That Converts

Writing a compelling copy helps you move the sales process. But to be successful, you need to know your audience and craft every step of the buyer journey according to their particular requirements. Landing pages are a crucial conversion element as they provide users with access to offers and content while convincing them to take the desired action. Alexander Kesler outlines the best practices that will help you build a landing page that stimulates your buyer’s journey.


How to Create a Viral Infographic

Infographics are visually appealing, fun to look at, and more “share-worthy” than traditional content. The nature of infographics makes people like and share it, which leads Google to index your site and rank it higher on SERPs. Now, creating a quality piece takes time and effort, which is why Deepak Shukla shares some actionable tips for creating a viral infographic.


Quick Tricks for On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the pillar for successful SEO. It helps you improve the overall readability of your site while boosting your ranking on the SERPs by communicating with search engines to provide the information needed. Tommy Landry has some tricks that will help you amplify your on-page SEO in no time.


Tuesdays With Tina - On-page SEO


The Ultimate PPC Remarketing Tips

PPC remarketing is one of the most efficient ways to market your brand to a targeted audience that is already interested in your products or services. If you think you don’t need this technique in your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to consider the fact that PPC remarketing can help you recoup up to 96% of visitors who didn’t convert. Jomer Gregorio has compiled an appealing infographic with some amazing tips to help you get PPC remarketing right.


Tips to Choose the Best Social Networks for Your Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is a must for every business, no matter the niche and size. However, there are many social media platforms available that choosing the right ones to focus on can be a daunting task. Anne Smith offers key tips on selecting the social media platform that will give you the most bang for the buck.


That’s a wrap! I would love to hear which article you find most useful and what tips and tricks you plan on implementing.

Don’t forget to check back for more SEM news on the last Tuesday of May.

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