Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (July 2023)

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July is already behind us which means it’s the perfect time for us to review what was happening in the SEO world during the past month. As a refreshment in the hot summer days, we offer 20 great reads which tackle a variety of topics.

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SEO Best Practice: The Real Deal or the Enemy of Success?

For a long time, SEO best practice has been the key to ruling the SERPs. This involves adherence to set principles about word count, title lengths, etc. with the ultimate goal of making the website more appealing to the search. But what are the actual benefits and issues with SEO best practice? Hellen Pollitt examines the two sides of this widely adopted notion.

Tuesdays With Tina - SEO Best Practice


Ignite Visibility Introduces Ignite 100

Ignite Visibility introduced Ignite 100, the official list of the best marketing software. The comprehensive list aims to help businesses find the best software for their needs but also reward the companies that drive innovations in the industry. Companies can submit their software for review until August 20 and see if they have made the cut on August 30. 


A GMB Listing Is a Must for Every Local Business

Almost any customer looking for services or products online uses Google search. Since 46% of all searches are with local intent, business location can play an important part in your marketing efforts. Having a GMB listing is the easiest way to show up in Google SERPs. If you still aren’t convinced, go through Manvi Agarwal’s list of reasons why every local business must market with Google My Business listing.


6 Best Rank Tracking Tools 2019 

SEO rank tracking enables you to monitor your performance on search engines and get an overview of the most important SEO metrics. Network Bees has conducted thorough research and compiled a list of six best rank tracking tools for 2019.


The Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide 

Shopify SEO is the best way to attract more traffic to your online store and boost sales. Shopify is an SEO-friendly platform and comes with some great features, and there are many things you can do to climb up the rankings. Jacinda Santora shares the ultimate Shopify SEO guide to help you rank number 1 on SERPs. 


Backlinko’s 2019 SEO Report

Backlinko has issued 2019’s SEO report which tackles some of the most important facts regarding the state of the search engine optimization industry. They have surveyed more than 1,200 businesses to learn how much people spend on SEO and where do they find search engine optimization services. They also uncover why people choose one digital marketing agency over another and what’s the main reason for them to leave their current SEO agency.

Tuesdays With Tina - SEO Report


6 Strategies That’ll Instantly Improve Your Conversion Rates

The main goal of improving CRO strategy is to drive more web traffic, boost leads, and convert visitors into paying customers. This means that your website needs to be attractive to humans and bots, both. To achieve this, marketers should adopt a customer-centric method and techniques that focus on developing positive experiences for customers and Google spiders. Moss Clement reveals six strategies that will instantly improve your conversion rates.


The Hottest Email Marketing Trends  

Despite the rise of social media, email remains an important communication tool for marketers. But if you want your email marketing to be effective and help you reach your business goals and objectives, you need to stay on top of current trends. Brad Anderson outlines six trends that will shape the future of email marketing. Spoiler: artificial intelligence and chatbots are included!


10 Local SEO Facts 

Nearly half of all Google searches have local intent. But what’s the significance of local SEO in today’s landscape? How it can improve your search engine rankings and brand recognition? Jessica Lee shares ten facts to fully grasp why SEO is important for local businesses.


Mobile SEO: How to Get it Right?

With Google having moved to a mobile-first algorithm, you can’t afford to ignore mobile SEO. Matthew King gives an overview of mobile SEO and offers actionable tips to help you leverage mobile for a boost on SERPs.


Up Your Social Media Lead Generation Game 

Social media lead generation is an important part of a digital marketing strategy. However, doing it successfully can be a challenging task. Veronica Cruz outlines some techniques to get on top of your game and generate leads on social media effortlessly. 

Tuesdays With Tina - Lead Generation

Enterprise SEO 101

The base of SEO is the same regardless of the website’s size. However, there are some features of enterprise search engine optimization which are unique to large sites. Ruth Everett lists five characteristics of enterprise SEO which involves applying traditional SEO principles at scale.


Simple Tricks For Startup SEO Without Breaking the Bank

Considering the time and resources a good search engine optimization strategy requires, many startups try to find a way around it. However, one thing that you need to understand is that the demand for investing in SEO is undeniable, regardless if you are an enterprise or a startup. Instead of avoiding SEO altogether, check Toby Nwazpr’s simple tricks that help a startup’s site to go up in website rankings without breaking the bank. 


Ranking in the Most Difficult Affiliate SEO Niches

Dating, weight loss, casino, and CBD are some of the most difficult affiliate SEO niches. Ever wondered how can you compete in these? What kind of links are best to build and what are the potential earnings? Matt Diggity has interviewed 6 top affiliate SEO experts to discuss what it takes to rank in the most difficult niches


Tips to Improve Your CPA

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to optimizing your CPA in Google Ads. Fortunately, you are about to learn some excellent short and long term tips which you can test and see what works for you. Molly Nash has broken them down by the amount of time it will take to implement and see results. 


SEO + Inbound – Best of Both Worlds

Inbound marketing is all about the long game, not the quick turnaround. With traditional marketing, your advertisement campaigns generally bring in value in a few days, weeks or sometimes months. Inbound marketing, meanwhile, focuses on creating highly informative, entertaining content that readers can find on their own (thanks to SEO) and will keep them coming in over time.


2020 Content Marketing

The SEO experts who spoke for Content Marketing World 2019 throw light on what’s clear and what needs to be in focus for great content marketing in 2020. Ann Gynn brings us these valuable reflections to help in improving our game in the upcoming year. 


Testing on a Budget

When you’re dealing with a small marketing budget you might not prioritize testing. In the long run, this will prove to be a terrible mistake. Testing is crucial to stay competitive and keep up with the changing digital landscape. So if you are testing on a budget, Lauren Crain advises that you focus on one or two tests at a time.


Branding + Keyword Strategy

Joost de Valk explores the relationship between branding and keyword strategy and gives you an idea of how you can be found for your brand name. Spoiler alert: the secret is to find the right balance between your branded keywords and the other key phrases which you will pick with your brand in mind. 

Tuesdays With Tina - Brandind and Keywords

7 Hidden Competitor Insights 

Every marketer needs to know their competitors inside and out. If you want to dig beyond it, take a look at Elena Kozlova’s complex insights revealed by the traffic metrics of your competitors. You only need 30 minutes for seven hidden insights that will change your game.


The Best Email Tracking Apps

What if the recipient didn’t get the email you set? Or maybe it just ended up in their spam folder? Email tracking enables you to know these things which will, in turn, help you stay on top of your email marketing game. Ben Beck gives a detailed overview of the best email tracking apps along with the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them.


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