Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (May 2019)

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Over the month of May, we witnessed many useful articles that provided excellent tips and tricks, as well as answers to some crucial SEO and SEM questions.

We’ve gathered up the best articles in this month’s roundup, so keep reading to improve your search engine marketing efforts.


How Long Does SEO Really Take?

Many people are under the impression that SEO brings rapid improvements. However, search engine optimization is anything but a fast solution. Quite the contrary, it requires hard work and effort that can take up to several months. But, sometimes, SEO results come in faster than expected. Ania from Delante tried to determine how long it takes for SEO to achieve initial success and what influences the time span.


SEO: The Movie

Told by some of the most influential people in the industry such as Danny Sulivan, Rand Fishkin, and Barry Schwartz, and narrated, produced, and directed by Ignite Visibility’s CEO, John Lincoln, SEO: The Movie is an engaging way to learn more about the early days of search engine optimization, black hat vs. white hat practices, the history of Google updates, as well as the unique stories of the industry’s pioneers and their predictions for the future.


Tuesdays With Tina - SEO

The Growing Need for Senior Living Marketing

Nearly 10,000 of the baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are retiring daily. This number gives a new perspective to senior living marketing. Marketing professionals can tap the potential this market offers by leveraging the right procedures and tools. If you want more proof of the growing need for senior marketing and how the market is expanding, check out Lead to Conversion’s article.


Tips & Tricks to Boost Your WordPress Site’s SEO

Setting up a WordPress site is relatively easy; however, optimizing it for search engines isn’t. While WordPress itself offers possibilities for decent SEO, there are ways to make it excellent. Rohit outlines the most effective ways to boost the SEO of your WordPress site and see a significant rise in organic traffic.


Tricks from Amazon’s SEO Playbook

Amazon holds the top position in the SERPs for a vast number of e-commerce searches. But there are many new products in newer categories where Amazon still hasn’t claimed its reign. Retailers in these verticals have the opportunity to climb to the top by following Amazon’s best SEO practices, and Eli Schwartz shares the top ones.


20 Link Building Ideas for New Websites

Building links for a new website might seem overwhelming. True, it won’t happen overnight, but you can build up a quality link profile by going step by step. Julie Joyce provides 20 link building ideas for brand new websites. Spoiler: links can happen via offline channels, too.


Why Your Blog Is Set up Incorrectly for SEO

The importance of content marketing has instigated webmasters to write blogs. The pressure to have a blog at all costs often results in content creation that’s never seen; therefore, it doesn’t add any value to a business’s bottom line. Ross Hudgens explains in detail the most common mistakes when it comes to SEO and what you can do to avoid them.

Tuesdays With Tina - BlogThe Eternal Battle: SEO vs. PPC

SEO and PPC are the main strategies for increasing visibility on the SERPs. The goal is essentially the same, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. Marketers are often in a dilemma when deciding which method to use, so Zac Harris shares an insightful infographic that illustrates how SEO and PPC compete against each other.


Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

If you want to create quality content that will add value to your marketing efforts, you need a clear strategy. Having a strong vision that governs the purpose of your content and long-term goals that solve users’ problems will help you establish your brand as an industry authority. Eric Melillo has the best techniques to craft a top-notch strategy that produces fantastic content and new leads.


Key SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

SEO enables small businesses to connect directly and quickly with qualified leads. It’s therefore a necessary investment for the companies competing online. If you want to start investing in your success, check out Angela Bao’s key SEO tips and strategies for small businesses.


Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

A landing page is the page your visitors first see upon reaching your site. This page should provide users with essential information, get them interested, and encourage them to take action—like making a purchase, registering on the site, or subscribing to a newsletter. Lana Miro answers the most important questions about landing pages and shares some useful design tips for effective campaigns.


The Optimal Length for SEO

For the longest time, content length has been a hot topic for SEO pros. In the early days of SEO, short content was the way to go. However, throughout the years, this trend changed, and we started seeing long, elaborated content all over the internet. As per 2019’s SEO statistics, the average first-page result has 1,890 words. But how does content length impact page rankings? How can you find the perfect balance? Martha Jameson gives the answers in her latest piece, “Content Length for SEO: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Tuesdays With Tina - Content LengthThe Ultimate Squarespace SEO Checklist

Squarespace is an excellent platform with a comprehensive set of features, beautiful templates, and an easy-to-use content management system. However, when it comes to search engine optimization, Squarespace hasn’t received much praise, mainly because some regions of optimization aren’t so straightforward. Good news is these difficulties can be easily overcome. Chris Singleton shares an updated Squarespace SEO checklist to help you maximize your efforts.


Do You Have a Technical Debt to Pay?

Sites that have been around for a long time might have a technical debt that they have to overcome. This might cause trouble when attempting to make changes on a site, thus slowing down your progress. Magnus Bråth lists the five signs that your site may have this issue. Once you know the symptoms, you’ll be able to apply fixes.


The SEO Metrics That Really Matter for Your Business

When it comes to SEO, ranking shouldn’t be your only focus when tracking your SEO success; there are more straightforward ways to measure how your search engine optimization efforts impact your business. Matthew Ramsey shares the best metrics for SEO.


Leading by Example: The Best Promotional Email Examples

Email marketing needs to be done the right way to be successful. You have to find out what resonates with your audience and define the best way to strengthen relationships with your subscribers. Dianna Gunn provides some excellent promotional emails from different companies that will give you some great ideas.


How Structured Data Helps Your Local SEO Efforts

Structured data, a.k.a. schema, eases the way for search engines to present relevant results to users about local businesses by enabling them to quickly scan the page for items that correspond to the user’s query. If you want to know more about how structured data enhances SEO, what the common local SEO attributes are, and whether you can apply them, check out Phil Frost’s article.


2019’s Best Strategies to Improve Lead Generation

There are a lot of tried and tested strategies for lead generation that turn your visitors into paying customers. But how to choose the methods that work? The answer lies in seeking a combination of approaches to find out what works best for your business. If you want some inspiration, Tanmay Luniya shares some tips on how to improve lead generation in 2019.

Tuesdays With Tina - Lead Generation

What to Do After an SEO Audit

Conducting a site audit is one of the first things to do when embarking on an SEO journey. Analyzing the current state of your site will inform your next steps, thereby ensuring you get the desired results and reach your goal. Katrina Acoba lists the five essential steps you need to take to get the most out of your website audit.


Tips on Writing Unforgettable Content

Evergreen content is content that stands the test of time and remains relevant even years after it’s written. However, in reality, after the initial popularity descends, your content is likely to disappear in the sea of new posts. So how can you make evergreen content? Kevin J. Duncan lists five qualities of unforgettable content with insightful tips on how to implement them.


Determine the Right KPIs for You

KPIs represent essential performance indicators concerning a given goal. Establishing useful KPIs will help you reach your objectives. To define your advertising KPIs, you need to set measurable and relevant goals. Brian Ahle explains how to determine the right KPIs for you and then how to track them.


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