Tuesdays With Tina – A Monthly SEO Roundup (November 2024)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Are you excited for the upcoming holiday season? Have you started working on your 2020 business goals? In the 20 reads that follow, you will discover a variety of tips and tricks that can empower your strategy and set you up for success in the upcoming year.

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Learn How to Analyze a Significant Drop in Rankings

A fluctuation in Google rankings is not an unusual thing. Sometimes the reason for this can be algorithm updates while other times, it might be due to a change made by your SEO or development team. Usually, the rankings go back to normal quickly. However, if that doesn’t happen, and your rankings get worse as time goes by, you should take the matter into your own hands and conduct a thorough analysis following Mary Kate Mack’s guidelines so that you come up with a recovery plan. 

Tuedays With Tina - SEO Analysis

The Best 2020 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

The rise of blogging and social media has disrupted the way companies market their products. B2B businesses don’t rely on trade shows, cold calls, and print ads anymore. Instead, they allocate a huge part of their budget to the latest, most effective practices such as influencer marketing and PPC. In his guest post for Webbiquity, Austin Cline shares the 10 B2B strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition. 


Content Audit 101

Content teams often refrain from doing a content audit and instead focus on producing brand new content. While new content is highly important, old content can help you shape an effective strategy that improves your rankings and successfully addresses the needs of your audience. Wondering how to do a content audit? Jonas Sickler shares the step-by-step process


It’s That Time of Year: Are You SEO Ready?

Successful marketing means your brand meets the target audience at the right place, at the right time. During the holiday season, your ideal customer is likely to be shopping, so you need to pop up where they will be looking. How to do that? The answer, you guessed, is SEO. Wilson Lau helps you get ready for the holiday season, outlining the most important factors to focus on.


Trends That Will Shape SEO Strategies 

Yes, it’s that time of the year. You’re most likely already strategizing with your team and thinking about how to tweak things in the upcoming 2020. The Linchpin’s team has compiled a list of the most notable trends that will shape your SEO strategies in the upcoming year to help you get ahead of it. 


Grey Hat SEO: Practices You Should Avoid 

Grey hat SEO is the fine line between black hat and white hat SEO techniques. It involves practices that don’t completely go against but also don’t totally adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines. As we’re approaching 2020, you should take into consideration the practices that will be useless or even harmful if you continue to use them. Charlotte Ross lists 8 grey hat practices you can write down and try to avoid in the year that comes and beyond. 


45 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Starting a Blog 

Are you just starting your blogging journey? Are you excited, but anxious, too? Worry not—starting a blog requires hard work (and strong nerves), and you’ll most likely encounter a lot of pitfalls along the way. But for all those of you just starting a blog, this CodeinWP Editorial offers an amazing resource that outlines the 45 things they wish they knew before embarking on their blogging journey. 

Tuesdays With Tina - SEO Strategy

Adding SEO into Your Marketing Mix

As a marketer, you have endless options to combine different strategies and make the most out of them. Search engine optimization should be part of this marketing mix because treating it like a stand-alone practice will do more harm than good. Sylvia Shelby solves the mystery and explains how to integrate SEO into your marketing DNA and create a user-friendly website that brings real value to visitors. 


How to Improve Your Sitemaps for SEO

While some search engine optimizers believe that their website can do without a sitemap, others swear by it. The truth is, sitemaps are important. If you’re just about ready to create one for your site, check out Zac Harris’s post about the best practices to improve SEO


Guide to Successful SEO Migration  

Due to technology and objective advances, migrations occur frequently in a digital business’s life cycle. They can come in different forms, such as moving to a different platform, changing hosting providers, or restructuring URLs. However, migrations bring some serious risks, especially if they go wrong. To help you reduce the risks and successfully scope an SEO migration process, Dan Taylor shares some insightful tips and tricks. 


The Most Affordable Social Media Marketing Tactics 

Social media and business go together like bread and butter. With more than 3.2 billion users worldwide, it’s easy to see why social media platforms are at the forefront of any business marketing strategy. If you want to get a piece of it, you need to make sure to make every dollar count. And to do that, check Randy Pilares’s 10 cheap social media marketing tactics that are proven to work. 


Google’s New Speed Report: How to Use It Effectively

Earlier this month, Google announced the beta version of the Speed Report to Search Console. Until now, we’d relied on third-party tools, BigQuery requests, or large numbers of Page Speed Insights in order to understand how Google judges our websites. Well, not anymore—Charlie Norledge shares a guide to using Google’s Speed Report to enhance your site speed and provide measurable results. 


Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Marketing Campaign

There are many marketing strategies and tactics you can use. However, deciding on a strategy without putting in the effort to plan things properly might not give you the results you want. Ryan Shelley shares the most important questions you should ask before launching a marketing campaign for your products or services. 


Tuesdays With Tina - Marketing CampaignA Guide to Excellent SEO Using 16 Free Tools

Needless to say, solid keyword research is the backbone of every successful SEO strategy. If you’re a beginner and still don’t have a big audience, SEO can amplify your discoverability. To help you with it, Alex Tucker shares a comprehensive guide to excellent optimization using 16 free SEO tools. 


A Compilation of 2019’s Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google reported 3,234 algorithm updates in 2018! No wonder even the greatest SEO professionals get confused with the intricate workings of this search engine giant. To make things easier for you, Elijah Masek-Kelly gives a detailed overview of the core algorithm updates of 2019 that will help future-proof your SEO strategy. 


HTTP 404 Error: What Is It & How to Fix It

Does a boring, unoriginal “Error 404” status annoy you? Well, it sure annoys your website visitors. This standard HTTP status code happens when the server can’t find the document that the user has requested. It indicates that the page is broken or doesn’t exist. If you want to learn more about what causes a 404 error, how to detect and track down broken links, how to create an innovative 404 Error page, and more, check Sitechecker’s latest post


Image SEO: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Why is it important to optimize your images? Because non-optimized images will slow down your site, and that will impact your UX and your SEO ranking results. Kirsten Soos shares the best techniques for optimizing images, taking a look at the technical aspects of optimizing images. 


Measuring Your Influencer Marketing ROI Like a Pro

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the most efficient marketing strategies. If your company uses it as a staple to market new products or services, you should check TextBroker’s post, “How to Measure the Influencer Marketing ROI,” and learn how to set proper KPIs, what the difference between qualitative and quantitative stats is, how to evaluate a campaign, and more.

Tuesdays With Tina - Influencer Marketing

The Top 5 Contact Page Mistakes

Contact pages are crucial to the UX and, consequently, to SEO. If your visitors find it hard to get in touch with you, you’ll most likely lose them. And you don’t want that, right? Check Michiel Heijmans’s five annoying contact page mistakes you should definitely avoid.


Local SEO Strategies for 2020

To round up this roundup (pun intended), I want to help you unlock the most important elements of local SEO and craft a powerful strategy for 2020. Ashok Sharma outlines the most important elements that are crucial to boosting your visibility and increasing your number of customers. 


That’s all folks!

If you’re as excited to see what’s coming next in the SEO/SEM world as I am, come back on the last Tuesday in December.

Don’t forget to share your optimization tips and tricks for the upcoming year.

Happy rankings!

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