Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 34)

Happy Tuesday, guys!

Savvy content writers and marketers are constantly on the lookout for new and fresh ideas that can level up your SEO game to a whole new level.

The past week has introduced a great bunch of them and I’ve chosen the top news picks that both beginners and experienced SEOs will appreciate.

The below articles offer tips on how to create an amazing landing page that generates B2B leads and personalize your outreach, but also explore the aftermath of Google Speed Update, and much more!


Conversion Rate Hacks Your Competitors Overlook

If you have implemented all basic tests, chances are some of them worked and you got 20-30% increase in conversion rates. But, there’s more to it – there are always new things you can test in order to optimize your conversion rate. In “10 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates Your Competitors Have Overlooked”, Kevin Bridges shares some useful ideas and principles that can help you step outside the box and beat the competition.


Your Secret Weapon: Non-branded Campaigns

If your goal is reaching new customers and expanding your business, you need to include non-branded campaigns into your PPC strategy. Andrew Harder explains how non-branded campaigns can boost your traffic, help you reach new customers, build brand loyalty, and stay in front of the competition in “The Missing Ingredient to Your PPC Strategy: Non-Branded Campaigns”.


Getting Started With Google Shopping Ads

For eCommerce companies, ranking high on Google is the key to their success. But in order to excel in your niche, your company needs to rank high for terms used by people in “buying mode”. How to do this? With the help of Google Shopping ads. Matt Duczeminski shows you how to get started with Google Shopping Ads to increase your brand visibility and get your products in front of those looking to make a purchase at the moment.


Learn How to Create Outstanding Landing Page

Tuesdays With Tina - Landing Page

Smartphones and portable devices are becoming the main traffic generator, as 51% of shoppers prefer them over desktop when searching for new brands and products. Yet, mobile conversions still underperform desktop conversions. Landing pages which aren’t properly optimized for mobile are often the reason for this. Jacinda Santora provides 15 mobile landing page best practices proven to get big results, as well as some outstanding landing pages examples.


Searching for LSI Keywords Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

After you master the SEO basics, you need to learn how to find the best LSI keywords for your content. Once you learn how to find and implement them in your content, you will level up your copywriting which, in turn, will positively influence your SEO efforts. The process of searching for the right ones seems complicated, but Jennifer Yesbeck offers five easy strategies to find LSI keywords.


Create First-Party Buyer Intent Data in 3 Simple Steps

Researching the intent data means getting a better understanding of how buyers search for products and services online. This is important information because it tells you where your potential customers are going and what are their business needs. Not surprisingly, buyer intent data has become a popular dataset and Andrew Davies explains how B2B organizations can create first-party buyer intent data.


The Best of Google Campaign Manager

The Google Campaign Manager houses all tracking and interaction data for the activities it is linked to. The innovative reports offer search users an extra insight for a more streamlined and holistic cross-channel approach to strategy and reporting. In “Top Google Campaign Manager (AKA. DCM) Reports for Search Users”, Georgina Hurst outlines the basic reports which can help you build a “big picture” strategy.


Google Speed Update: The Aftermath

Page speed is definitely a ranking factor since July 9th. This has put a lot of pressure on webmasters whose sites lacked proper mobile performance optimization. In the aftermath of this update, Lea Manthey reports how online marketing experts coped with it, as well as their best practices for mobile optimization, in this week’s installment of “Pulse: Experts Reveal Changes Since Google Speed Update”.


Drive Success with Personalized Outreach

Reviews are an important part of your business. While using automated review requests can help you save time and effort, personalization is what will get you the most out of it. Aaron Weiche helps you understand how to add personalization and human authenticity to your automated review requests and get the best of both worlds.


How to Qualify High-Quality Link Opportunities 101

Great outreach starts with creating the right email list. This process begins with sourcing the right lists and using keywords and filters to discover the right audience. Then, there is the qualification stage where you cross-check the prospects and determine which of them is going to help you achieve your goal. Stephen Panico lists the criteria pros use to qualify high authority link opportunities and get the most out of the outreach.


Why Structured Data Matters

Structured data refers to the information you include in your HTML to provide search engines with more details about your page. Although not a direct ranking signal, structured data is a great tool that helps you gain more control over how your website looks on Google. There are a few more benefits, all of which outlined in Kristen Hicks’ latest piece – “Why Is Structured Data Important For SEO?”.

The Basics of YouTube SEO

Creating a video requires a lot of time and effort which is why many entrepreneurs avoid it. On the other hand, YouTube is a less competitive way to get to your target audience. A well-crafted YouTube video is an asset that will prove beneficial in the long run. Apart from creating a high-quality content, you need to plan your YouTube SEO strategy and get your video out there. Desirae Odjick shares her “YouTube SEO 101: How to Build a Profitable YouTube Keyword Strategy” guide to help your efforts.


Asked and Answered: How to Create a Landing Page that Provides Results

The landing page is the first thing people see when they come on your site; therefore, creating a good and quality landing page is crucial for success. There are many resources on the Internet with tips and tricks to test and refine landing pages, but there are always many questions left unanswered. Jacob Baadsgaard has created a list of 15 questions to get you started and create a landing page that provides excellent results.


Is It Still Important to Rank First?

Tuesdays With Tina - Ranking

One of the main reasons to start with search engine optimization is to climb on top of the search results. However, with SEO being such a dynamic field, marketers often ask whether it is still important for SEO to rank first in 2018. Tereza Litsa has the answer and helps you set your priorities straight.


Easy-to-follow Tips to Create Content that Generates Inbound Leads

Many marketers focus on content marketing as means to differentiate businesses from the competition. Additionally, it’s affordable and more efficient than traditional marketing. That said, the main focus is on developing content that will bring in traffic and convert people into customers, ultimately boosting your sales. Syed Balkhi offers five tips to write content that generates inbound leads.


The Impact of GDPR on Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing helps marketers create an authentic connection with customer which goes beyond the typical company-customer relationship. But the newly-introduced GDPR has disrupted the way companies implement conversational marketing tactics. However, Stewart Dunlop argues that as long as you approach it from the right angle, you won’t have any troubles. He discusses this notion in his piece “How the GDPR Will Affect Conversational Marketing


How Voice Search Modifies App Development

Voice search is becoming more and more widely accepted. Voice assistants have become part of our daily lives thanks to their integration in smartphones and the rise of voice-enabled speakers. In fact, voice search stats show that by 2020 50% of searches will be voice-activated. This growing trend has changed the way people search and it also has a great impact on app marketing strategies and their success rates. Gresham Harkless goes into details about how voice search is impacting app development in his latest post for Rescue a CEO.


Here we conclude this week’s roundup.

Make sure to drop me a line which articles you have found most useful and which tips you plan to adopt.

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