Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 39)

Happy Tuesday, guys!

Search engine optimization is a never-ending process, and I bet you constantly want to learn new things.

Keeping up with the hottest trends and new techniques that improve your SEO efforts can take up much of your precious time, which is why I’ve done the hard work and compiled the best articles from the past week.

Join me as we dive deep into all the ways multichannel software helps growing e-commerce companies and discover how to bulk upload and bulk verify Google My Business listings. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to create effective SEO dashboards, which are the ultimate off-page SEO techniques you need in 2018, and much more!

All the Ways Multichannel Software Helps Growing E-commerce Companies

Managing an expanding e-commerce retail business can be quite overwhelming if you don’t have the right software. Having multichannel software helps you increase your income, win more potential clients, and be more competitive. Khrystyna Oliinyk goes into greater detail about the most frequent problems growing e-commerce companies face and all the ways multichannel software helps.


Track and Measure Your PPC ROI to Optimize Your Investments

Tuesdays With Tina - PPC ROI

A successful search marketing strategy requires measuring the progress and return on investment. This is important as it gives you insight into what’s done right, what’s a total waste of your budget, and which areas should be improved in the future. Want to learn how? In “Search Marketing: How to Track and Measure Your PPC ROI,”  Christi Olson shares some useful tips for tracking and optimizing your search marketing investments.


Syndicated Reviews: What’s Their Impact on CRO and SEO?

Product reviews are essential for all e-commerce sites because they increase the conversion rate and positively influence the organic SEO. Moreover, customers expect reviews to help them when making a buying decision. If they don’t find any reviews of the product, it can activate a red flag for your brand, harming the conversion rate. However, many customers tend not to leave reviews. That’s where syndicated reviews come in to help. Mike Belasco investigates the CRO and SEO impact of syndicated reviews and how to ensure you’re implementing syndicated reviews correctly.


Convert Social Media Followers into an Actionable Audience

In this digital era, building a solid reputation for your brand requires good social media marketing that will help you create a community of followers genuinely interested in your business. However, accumulating followers doesn’t equal action. And without action, there’s no monetization. In order to generate leads from your followers that can drive sales, follow Sadia Munir’s five easy tips.


Google’s Home Mini Is a Bestseller

The smart speaker market is continuously rising, along with the expansion of voice search. In fact, per voice search stats, the household speaker number is predicted to rise to 55% by 2020 from the current 13%. Sara Perez reports that, at the moment, Google’s Home Mini is the top-selling smart speaker worldwide. With a total of 2.3 million global shipments, it edged out Amazon’s Echo Dot, which has 2.2 million global shipments.


Creating SEO Dashboards: Spot the Low-Hanging Fruits

If you are to report the success of an SEO campaign within your firm, you will have to show some meaningful numbers that clearly demonstrate progress. Felix Oey, a Senior SEO Consultant with the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group, shows how to create dashboards that distinguish brand traffic from non-brand traffic, highlight revenue potentials, and spot low-hanging fruits.


When Is the Right Time to Bid Your Brand Keywords Down?

Tuesdays With Tina - Keywords Search

Branded keywords help close customers who are ready to convert. However, sometimes increasing CPCs can negatively influence your ROAS or CPA, which means it’s time to reduce the branding bids. Kendall Todd has performed a PPC brand test that brings you an insightful overview to help you determine when to bid your brand keywords down.


Google My Business: Bulk Upload and Bulk Verify Listings

When you think about business listings, Google is for sure the first that comes to mind. And for a good reason—SEO stats show that for 93% of searchers with a local intent, Google’s 3-pack local listings appear in the top spot. Most recently, they introduced an agency dashboard that eases the management of multiple brands and locations. In her latest post for BrightLocal, Krystal Taing explores how to bulk upload and bulk verify listings.


SEO for Beginners: 5 Principles for Creating SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Content is the most powerful weapon for winning in the SEO game. There are many ways to use content to boost leads and conversions through inbound writing strategies. Katie Porter shares five simple principles for creating engaging and SEO-friendly blog posts that will make life easier for content writers who are just starting off.


The Only Off-Page SEO Techniques You Need in 2018

Off-page SEO is all about influencing other people to help make your website popular on the internet and improve its position on the SERPs. Bill Widmer shares the best five off-page SEO techniques that have helped him and his clients reach more than 4,000 daily organic search visits, rank for competitive keywords, and boost their income.


The Core Steps to Maintain Quality SEO as You Update the Website

SEO is an ongoing process. Even after you rank well, it’s important to maintain specific practices in order to keep your website growing. Katie Guinn outlines the most important steps you need to complete when updating your website to maintain quality SEO. Plus, she shares some useful examples to illustrate her points.


11 Types of Social Proof

Tuesdays With Tina - Types of Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful conversion rate optimization techniques and arguably the easiest way to get people to take action. Consumers care about the experiences other people have had and their buying decisions heavily rely on user reviews, testimonials, and ratings. Garry Grant gives the ultimate 11 types of social proof to use on your website.  


Pro SEO: Repurposing Content

Content marketing is an ongoing process that requires maintenance of high-quality writing and consistency in publishing. However, for the days when your inspiration is nonexistent, you can take advantage of content repurposing. When done right, content repurposing is an effective content strategy for improving SEO. Catherine Palmer offers five effective techniques to help you repurpose content like a pro.


Prepare for SEO 2019

You already know that SEO is a rapidly changing game. Not only do you have to keep up with the algorithm updates but also with the SERP layout changes and constant shifts in device usage. Consequently, SEO in 2019 and beyond won’t be the same as SEO in 2018. In light of this, Dave Davies preps you for upcoming changes and highlights the most important areas you should keep an eye on.


Title Tag Optimization Tactics

Optimizing your title tags for SEO like a pro requires more than just throwing in your main keyword in a simple sentence. Nathan Gotch shares some title tag optimization tactics that will skyrocket your organic search CTR.



That’s all from this week’s recap.

See you in a week, and until then, happy ranking!

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