Tuesdays With Tina – A Weekly SEO Roundup (Week 38)

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Another week of September is behind us, which means it’s high time for us to go through the hottest news from the digital marketing field.

This week has brought answers to some burning questions. You’ll learn why Bing should be your go-to platform when it comes to remarketing, how to confirm your website is ranking on Google, and whether Google has really become better at fighting webspam.

But that’s not all—in this week’s recap, you’ll also find the ultimate technical SEO checklist, the most important steps to optimizing a geo-targeted campaign, and much more.

Let’s dig in and uncover last week’s SEO updates.

Could Voice Search Influence the Dynamics of Brand Loyalty?

By now, you’re probably aware of how voice-enabled technology is changing the shape of search, forcing SEOs to reshape their strategies. Recent voice search stats show that this trend will become a main traffic and conversion driver in the near future. Apart from shifting the SEO focus, voice search will greatly influence the brand relationship with their audience. Jonathan Crowl explores whether voice search technology could change the dynamics of brand loyalty.


Google Analytics Premium: Is It Worth It?

Tuesdays With Tina - Google Analytics

Google Analytics Premium was launched in 2011 to serve users with a more expanded service, advanced analysis, and greater support. In other words, they leveled up the standard version of the tool to an enterprise-worthy platform. Danya Birnbaum gives an in-depth review of GA Premium and outlines the core differences between both versions in order to help you decide whether going premium is worthy or not.


Set up Remarketing in Bing in a Few Simple Steps

Bing is continuously working towards improving the functionality and successfulness of its remarketing campaigns. Although most of the marketers would rather turn to more popular platforms such as Google Ads or AdRoll for their remarketing efforts, Bing is actually the platform that has most of the features that search marketers look for. Sean Thomas Martin explains how to set up remarketing in Bing, plus five reasons why you should.


Technical SEO Checklist

On-page and off-page SEO are important aspects to consider, but there’s more to it. The technical part of the process is just as important. In fact, you need to get the technical foundation right in order for other parts of your search engine optimization to work and bring results. Masha Maksimava presents the ultimate technical SEO checklist, outlining nine crucial steps to a technically perfect site.


Optimize a Geo-Targeted Campaign Like a Pro

Instead of targeting the entire world, marketers should focus on planning a local PPC strategy that will put their message in front of the right audience. Daria Voronina shares the most important steps in the process of optimizing a geo-targeted campaign and gives insightful and actionable tips for even smarter campaigns.


The Eternal Battle: SEO vs. PPC

SEO and PPC are the two main channels for driving traffic to your website. Not surprisingly, the topic of which one of them is better has been burning for quite some time now. Mike Khorev offers a guide that attempts to help you answer that question, outlining the main differences between PPC and SEO.


How to Confirm Your Website Is Ranking on Google

Virtually every marketer optimizes their website for search engines in order to benefit from ranking high on the search results. After developing and executing the most effective strategy for their business, they want to confirm their website is ranking on Google. Leland Dieno shares three critical implementations that will give you an idea of how your website is performing on Google.


Image and Animation Optimization Made Simple

Increased internet connection speed results in publishers paying less attention to delivery optimization, which in turn leads to unnecessarily big downloads for the users. This slows the processing power and connection speed, which can be rather annoying for users, especially mobile users. In light of this, Marcin Gorczyca shares his ultimate guide to web image and animation optimization.


Has Google Really Become Better at Fighting Webspam?

The increasing number of deceptive websites and users have been interfering with Google’s goal to always provide the most relevant, highest-quality results. However, this changed in late 2016 with the Penguin 4.0 rollout. In fact, Google has reported less than 1% spammy websites as of 2017. Juan Gonzalez investigates this game of cat and mouse and discusses whether Google has really become better at fighting webspam.


Podcasting at Its Finest: Use the Show to Generate Leads and Sales

Tuesdays With Tina Podcasting

Podcasting is a big deal right now. It’s a fun way to build your brand and promote your business. Many podcasters run ads or use Patreon to ask for donations from listeners in order to get a return on money, time, and energy. However, you can also use the show itself to generate leads and sales. In his latest post, Stephan Spencer lists five smart ways to do so.


Choose the Right Images for Your Content 101

Images are an important part of the content optimized for search engines. After all, SEO statistics show that 97% of the page-one results have at least one image on their page. If you are wondering how to choose the right images for your content, I suggest checking out the tips James Baker shares in his latest article.


Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, according to recent digital marketing stats, the global email user base is set to grow to 4.3 billion people in 2022. This only proves that email remains one of the most important marketing tools. So it’s time to figure out your email marketing strategy and conquer your audience. Pauline Ferris shares the tips and tactics that will get you the desired results.


What to Do When Google Penalizes Your Website

Sometimes your business suffers a loss of profit due to not correctly following some of the changes in Google’s algorithm, which, in turn, can interfere with your ranking position. In such cases, the worst thing you can do is give up. Instead, go to the source and file a reconsideration request. Emma Miller goes into details about how Google penalties affect your business and gives some insightful tips on how to deal with them.


Infusing Content Marketing with Personalization

Tuesdays With Tina Content Personalization

Used by many powerhouse companies such as Amazon and Spotify, personalization has become the norm. In fact, personalization is the most powerful weapon for engaging customers and keeping them loyal. But don’t worry, there are ways to personalize content without having advanced AI or complex algorithms in place. Iris Hearn has illustrated five easy ways to infuse personalization into your content marketing.


Organize Digital Marketing to Avoid Headache

Digital marketing can be extremely overwhelming, causing marketers to abandon their efforts. Even bigger businesses with large marketing teams behind them fail to set the actionable, step-by-step roadmaps needed to realize strategy and ultimately achieve their objectives. A big believer in getting organized herself, Ann Smarty shares some helpful tools that will take you from planning to implementing.


The Best Tools for SEO Competitive Analysis

Knowing how your competitors are doing, how they rank on Google, and how much traffic they get can define your future SEO success. Alexandra Tachalova’s 10+ tools you can use for SEO competitive analysis will help you get the most accurate data about your competition and stay ahead of the curve.


Content Writing: Three Mistakes to Avoid

By now you probably know the importance of high-quality, relevant content for your SEO efforts, not to mention the value of building authority and developing an audience for your business. Content writing is not a complicated task, yet content writers are producing content that doesn’t quite accomplish their specific marketing objectives. In his latest article, Brandon Lee uncovers the three main writing mistakes every content writer should avoid.


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